thinking of switching instances but I don't know where I'd go

I think I’m going to move to but I’m having trouble making the migration functionality actually work

I guess it doesn’t hurt to leave this account up for now.

@SpindleyQ @SpindleyQ shouldn't, but might be effected by m.s being silenced here. i'm having an early one, but i'll ping you in the morning after i've fiddled with things?

@SpindleyQ Can't see anything blocking things on this end, or a backlog of tasks on the server or anything. Might have to contact Gargron.

Coincidentally there are a few other people having trouble with account migration on the #MastoAdmin tag, though I can't tell if they're doing an actual migration, or just importing a list of followers/ing. Indications there are that sometimes it just takes a while. Still, it's already been a while.

@blueberrysoft apparently I just needed to try again later, it's working now

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