Welp, I've finally got an interactive instrument loading interface! This is pretty fun to jam with now

If there's one thing I know you folks like, it's old Windows installation screenshots. Can you believe I had to manually opt-in to all the custom mouse pointers and themes? Fill my virtual hard disk with your beautiful garbage, Microsoft

My HTPC just popped this screen up at me and for a minute I was worried that the windows 10 force-upgrader was back

But it just takes you to a website that says your computer is old and you should probably buy a new one

Which... my computer is indeed old, but afaict PCs basically have not noticably improved in performance in the past ten years? SSDs and GPUs have, but I've been upgrading those...

Also this happens when Chuck follows Pete into his house, hmmmm

Added a shitty party system so Chuck the horse can follow Pete around. Not sure if it I want to improve it so they can move simultaneously, or just make Pete ride the horse.

Well, I got the status bar working, but there are some uhhhhhhh efficiency issues

Trying to add a status line auto-updating on a timer but something is going seriously wonky

Wrote some code to dump tracks back to code after recording overtop of them interactively. Once I start logging my sessions to files, this should give me the tools I need to start saving my work.

It's crude as hell, but it lets me get the job done for now while I'm figuring out exactly how my tool should grow.

Wrote a simple music driver that lets me schedule snippets of music in real-time, and also wrote some Jorth words to make writing down snippets of music vaguely sensible. Jorth code is now running in an ISR, which is surprisingly totally fine. I have a basic musical livecoding language for the 286 now??

Wrote some basic Jorth ( jean forth) code to configure an OPL2 voice for an instrument and play notes on it. It's fun to poke at registers to make noises!

Well that was a surprisingly small amount of code that pretty much worked perfectly first try. shipbrook.net/jeff/sb.html is a terse AdLib reference but it lays out exactly how to perform the necessary delays for writing values and a simple series of register writes for making a noise so you know you've got it right.

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