I think I’m going to move to @SpindleyQ@gamemaking.social but I’m having trouble making the migration functionality actually work

I guess it doesn’t hurt to leave this account up for now.

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@blueberrysoft tbh I'd probably move to gamemaking.social except I don't want to put any pressure on you to keep it up if you're getting tired of running it

I'm definitely tempted to self-host, but I wonder if there are noticable UX downsides to having a single-user instance. I don't really use the local / federated timelines but people occasionally find me through them

@coleoptera @shadsy hrmmm... I have an old cybre account that I never used but for some reason I don't feel entirely confident pushing the "move" button. That's probably where I'll end up if I don't figure out any better options tho.

thinking of switching instances but I don't know where I'd go

Mouth Dreams, lewd 

@touk I had a similar experience with my first listen being the release party twitch stream, where I’d glance at the track titles in the middle of each song

Mouth Dreams, lewd 

Suddenly hit with the realization that Mouth Sounds also has a subtle celebrity dick-sucking joke in it and now I’m wondering if there are more that I missed

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@outie hmm...

🎵 doom wad /
wad wad dooom wad / doomy doom wad / doom wad / wad wad dooooom / yeah yeahhh 🎶

I'll allow it

If you happen to have access to a Nova Scotia IP address you can watch The Goose for free tonight, which I heartily recommend watch.eventive.org/hiff/play/5

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@avie in the back of my head I always have the weird demo vector animations from IIgs Fantavision whenever I read you talking about PS2 Fantavision

And honestly it was probably not an insignificant factor in me buying it back when I first got my PS2

@gamehawk btw, you posting a link to that printer ended with me buying an Elegoo Mars that was in the same price ballpark once the exchange rate and shipping to Canada was factored in. I just printed my first pieces today! My son is very excited to make D&D miniatures and stuff. So, thanks for indirectly pushing me to take the plunge! :D

bugs: fixed! this is a tilemap made up of 3 different garbage tiles because I still haven't written a graphic editor. I guess that's next!

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@zensaiyuki I also really need to write a lot more introspection tools - the disassembler built-in to the Apple II is very nice but it doesn't help debug codegen failures with bytecode for the VM I implemented

oh cool it's because the assembler I wrote isn't assembling things correctly, neat, writing all of my own tools from scratch was a swell idea with no downsides

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gosh I sure love writing a bunch of assembly code without testing any of it and then not having any idea why it's not working

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Mouth Dreams, lewd 

unbelievably impressed at how subtly Neil was able to make a joke about Marilyn Manson sucking his own dick

Ok I celebrated a little early; garbage is still not consistently appearing in the right place. BUT. I just added support to my editor to upload code to actual hardware over the serial port using the built-in monitor in ROM! My broken code is running on hardware!!

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Watched Maximum Overdrive tonight and man there is a film that is not even slightly afraid to completely commit to a totally absurd idea

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