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There’s a Commodore 64 game called “Where’s My Bones” and someone should write a book about old computer games that are actually shitposts

@ajroach42 mostly Slade; the logic is implemented with a zdoom decorate script to define the custom tree and make punches ineffective, and an ACS script to control the player's starting weapons. Slade integrates with ACC for compiling ACS scripts, which is nice.

aaah I came up with a cool idea that fixes a bunch of story problems I was having. I wrote a _bunch_ of new stuff for the game today (in comparison to... literally any other time I've worked on the story)

might actually finish this thing someday after all

Do I know anyone with experience doing doom mods or TCs?

Added the ability to choose between conversational options / implement dialog trees. Hard to believe I’ve gone this long without it!

@six was trying to transform
public enum Thing {
A(x -> x != 0);
Thing(Predicate<Integer> test) {...}
public enum Thing {
A(s -> "foo".equals(s), x -> x != 0);
Thing(Predicate<String> test1, Predicate<Integer> test2) {...}
but Eclipse's autocomplete logic chokes on this invalid intermediate state:
A(s -> "foo".x -> x != 0);

@six I correctly guessed the particular convoluted invalid syntax that was giving it a conniption, added a comma after where I was about to insert code to force the parser to give up earlier, and it calmed down

I have discovered some Forbidden Java Code that Eclipse won't let me type without hard locking forever, cool

I kind of need to type that code, though

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@poopdoggyballs noooooo!!

I was just explaining what it was to a younger coworker like last month

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@gdkar @ajroach42 I've got a Shenmue II save that's probably about 15 years old by now. Every few years I pop in disc 4 and play for an hour or two. It feels right.

So I've been listening to some of my old CDs, and I put on Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy EP for the first time in... a lot of years.

And, like, there's a lot of really incredible music on that album, but also my memory really downplayed what a fucking juvenile edgelord RDJ was

@mno surprisingly few - the bundled instruments are mostly from trackers and music-creation tools directly. IIRC under the "games" directory is just Dune and Dune II. I'm sure there must be other caches of game instruments elsewhere - they shouldn't be complicated to capture.

@mno gotta head to bed so I can't make a video right now, but the instruments are all ripped from Cryo's Dune, as collected by the JuceOPLVSTi plugin, so if you've got a DAW you're comfortable with you can pretty easily mess around with all those sounds

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