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board games hot take 

@avie This blog post describing a strategy to make sure no one ever asks you to play it twice has stuck with me

@RobF why haven’t I booted this game in a year?? I guess I just never really figured out how to play it. Gosh it’s gorgeous though.

@zensaiyuki @feonixrift oh god the summation symbol is not an epsilon it's too early for brain

@zensaiyuki @feonixrift
The thing that sort of does this that you can actually download and use is Jetbrains MPS - its focus is mainly on creating new custom languages, with some support for things like tables and mathematical notation in source code, and less on having nice presentation options, though. Like OK, you can put an epsilon in your code, but LaTeX-quality typesetting this ain't

@zensaiyuki @feonixrift So the thing I worked on is "intentional programming", which was/is an attempt at directly editing programs as trees rather than text, and seperating the presentation of code from its representation - so you could have multiple custom projections depending on your preference, and create new ones to suit your needs.

It's also famously vapourware that never really shipped and is now owned by Microsoft.

Despite this, I have successfully written a tile-drawing routine! I don't yet have the ability to actually design tiles to draw to the screen, but I can make garbage appear in the place I tell it to appear!

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The Apple II hires framebuffer memory map is maybe the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, and I'm saying that as someone who has programmed both planar EGA and the Atari 2600. How did people pull off smooth 4-directional animation with this??

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The Apple II machine language monitor is kind of a miracle... I can't think of another 8-bit home computer that had an assembler, disassembler, and debugger built-in to ROM. An indispensable tool for this project.

As a kid I just knew it as the cryptic unusable thing that showed up when my pirated games crashed.

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well shit, it looks like the basic building blocks of this 16-bit stack VM are actually more or less working!? This is the result of running [:vm 0xbabe 0xcafe :. :. :quit]

pushing literals onto a stack, popping them off, and printing them, what else does a computer need to do?

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I rewrote a bunch of my hand-rolled 6502 assembler and verified the output using the built-in Apple II machine code monitor, so step 1 seems to have gone reasonably well

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writing a bunch of completely untested 6502 assembly using my own hand-rolled 6502 assembler because I don't have enough of a skeleton to actually run any of it and I don't feel like writing one right now

surely there's no way this will go awry

I added hot code reload as a lite command, so now I can edit my editor without leaving my editor

and like.... I know emacs and smalltalk people are like "big deal" rn but why does programming not work like this everywhere

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food, dangerous chemicals 

@outie *googles "caustic soda", finds wikipedia page describing its chemical makeup, nasty photos of chemical burns, uses ranging from paint stripping to cement mixes to _dissolving metal_*

ah, here's the "food preparation" section

Trying to think of another time in my life where running a program under a profiler magically fixed a performance problem. (Turns out: the profiler was regularly running the garbage collector, and my weird performance problem was caused by my code unnecessarily generating huge amounts of garbage)

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@RobF technically Watchmen has a rather prominent big colourful squid in it, maybe that’s the connection

@technomancy @jplebreton oh yeah, I'm not an emacs person, so lite is very attractive UX-wise. But a fennel repl is pretty high on my list of things I'd want it to be able to do, and I'm not afraid of dealing with an idiosyncratic interface for my current project, so polywell is definitely worth a serious look for me.

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