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Nice shirt! Plus profits go to "Punks with Lunch, a mutual aid group supporting unhoused folk in Oakland" twitter.com/necrosofty/status/

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say it with me: Black African people interacted with & impacted Roman Britain and early medieval Britain!!!! there’s no excuse for your medievalism dramas or fantasies, including Arthuriana, to not have Black people!!! twitter.com/janeandersoncdg/st

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I did a comic about Winnie the Pooh being in the public domain. If any publishers want me to do a full book about a vaguely threatening Pooh, please get in touch.

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ASK me if I give a fuck. I do. I'm crying as I write this.

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Coming back from the trauma of WW2 to find America has nothing for you but humiliation in the service of alienating consumerism is bad, yes, but the fonts? The fonts are good.

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Look at this moth from the genus Phalera

It looks like a fragment of twig complete with chipped bark and even the layering of wood tissue at the “cut” ends...

perfectly resembling a broken piece of wood to avoid predation.

Let's just see what happens

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Apart from "life is short" what other lines do you use before making bad decisions?

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"Tis well said," replied Candide, "but bitch, have breakfast before you make decisions."

A male seahorse can give birth to 2,500 fry, but only 0.5% will survive long enough to transform into land horses.

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Street in Hyderabad advertising a serious amount of Autocad services

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