I thought Kamala was the world champion of dodging & answering the questions you want to answer, not what you're asked, but Warren's a contender.

"Hillary said no one likes Bernie & no one in the Senate wanted to work with him. Is she right?"

"I'm not going there." 🙄

"They didn't ask us to give them anything—they asked us to provide the opportunity." (@pblest@twitter.com 2015)


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Years ago in front of Democratic candidates and voters, Harry Belafonte, expressed his frustration over the party and policies. Over the years he has supported Bernie. Belafonte was close friends with MKL, Jr.

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🚨We have an UPDATE to our scorecard ranking!🚨

This week, Steyer passes Warren, Buttigieg passes Biden, and Bloomberg jumps into the top 10.

Bernie remains the only candidate with an A+.

Trump remains the only candidate with literally zero points...

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"Sanders is uniquely ready to beat Trump because he embodies the opposite of Trumpism. Whereas Trump lies, Sanders tells the truth. Whereas Trump distracts, Sanders stays focused. Whereas Trump divides, Sanders unites us" @ZephyrTeachout@twitter.com


Despite what Jim Messina thinks, the way to beat a demagogue posing as an economic populist is with the real deal - and Bernie gets the most donations from counties that went for Obama then Trump.


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The first part of our new NH Democratic Primary poll for @WBUR@twitter.com is now posted, shows big gains for Sanders since December.
-Sanders 29%
-Buttigieg 17%
-Biden 14%
-Warren 13%
-Klobuchar 6%
-Yang 5%
-Gabbard 5%
-Steyer 2%
All others 1% or less.

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The Bernie Sanders campaign was the only one to respond to my request for comment about Brazil's decision to prosecute Glenn Greenwald. The Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Yang, and Steyer campaigns did not.

Make of that what you will.

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“I’m a 50-year-old-black woman, and I tend to be middle of the road. I’m voting what I think is best for all of us, not just me...I’m not a left-wing liberal. I’m not even a left-wing Democrat. But I am a realist.”


Bernie may be losing the media primary, but he's definitely winning the music primary 😎

To translate: "Bernie apologized for saying I was corrupt, but he didn't apologize for letting voters know the truth about my long record of being open to making Social Security and Medicare cuts so we had to smear him." 🚫✂️

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As a staffer for late @RepJohnConyers@twitter.com I worked with @BernieSanders@twitter.com, @SSWorks@twitter.com, 70+ Dems, & millions of Americans who called on the Obama-Biden Admin to EXPAND social security benefits

The Obama-Biden team instead proposed benefit CUTS with a "chained CPI"


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Dems: "We're a big tent party!"

No, you're ideologically and morally bankrupt.

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One thing's for sure, no matter what happens: centrist dems have shown themselves to be deeply unserious clowns. I don't know how or if they ever recover from this. The lying, the smearing, a willingness to vote for Trump over Bernie... they clearly stand for absolutely nothing.

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The free press is never more important than when it exposes wrongdoing by the powerful.

That is why President Bolsonaro is threatening Glenn Greenwald for the "crime" of doing journalism.

I call on Brazil to end its authoritarian attack on press freedom and the rule of law. twitter.com/theintercept/statu

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Your periodic reminder that Robert Eisner published the single most important article on in the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Vol. 21, No. 1 (Autumn, 1998), pp. 77-92.

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NEWS: “The Nomiki Show” launches 1/25. We’re digging deeper into issues that msm ignores, breaking down the establishment’s tactics and infrastructure and helping you navigate the movement.

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