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There's only 1⃣ school nurse for every 2⃣,8⃣5⃣9⃣ students in Chicago.


NNU nurses marched with striking @CTULocal1@twitter.com teachers fighting for fully staffed schools with nurses, counselors, and teacher aides. @chicagosmayor@twitter.com

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Good day of stuff at @theprospect@twitter.com. We have an important story from @alex_sammon@twitter.com on Amazon spending $1.4 million to get Kshama Sawant and other left-wing members dumped off the Seattle City Council prospect.org/power/seattles-bi

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@theprospect@twitter.com @alex_sammon@twitter.com .@greenhousenyt@twitter.com notes that these "future of work" discussions keep taking place without any worker voices prospect.org/labor/where-are-t

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@theprospect@twitter.com @alex_sammon@twitter.com @greenhousenyt@twitter.com .@JBSDC@twitter.com goes through how Congressional Democrats can insulate progressive legislation to make it more survivable to Supreme Court challenge prospect.org/power/how-democra

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So after 18 years of undeclared war, continually bombing eight nations, it seems we might add Iran to the mix. Why stop at eight? American exceptionalism morphed from a subtle narcissistic notion into an open-faced, warmongering cult.

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“Hillary Clinton, according to two people close to her, has not ruled out jumping in herself, a sign that she is hearing similar dissatisfaction.” washingtonpost.com/politics/an
It’s like they want Trump to win again

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I think many upper-middle-class folks don't understand how expensive it is to be poor, partly why they say "how is it fair that poor get student debt forgiveness when I had to pay it off?". Thing is -- poor already paid it off too but didn't get credit, THAT'S the point.

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READ: Nancy Pelosi's 'Truth Exposed' Factsheet Says 'President Trump Has Betrayed His Oath of Office...for His Own Personal Political Gain'

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Since is trending for the Trump sycophant @LindseyGrahamSC@twitter.com, let me introduce you to an INFINITELY BETTER Lindsey — as in @LindseyBoylan@twitter.com.

She's running for Congress and I'm working to help elect her.

Here is how she talks to .

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Pssst, you can read NY T articles without logging in by hitting the Reader View button on your browser, so long you catch it while the page is loading before their scripts disable it.

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@TeamPelosi@twitter.com They did, indeed.

They also feared leaders:

✅ stealing public funds (as Trump has from the beginning),
✅ starting wars for political purposes (as Bush did with your support)
✅ abusing rights (as Bush, Obama, and now Trump have done, with your help).

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We now know the richest 400 Americans have rigged the system to pay lower taxes than everyone else in the country.

The question of our time is this: will we tolerate it? Or will we take back our democracy from the oligarchs who run this country? nytimes.com/interactive/2019/1

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Not stingy. Broke.

And low wages, poor work standards, high cost of living, & a runaway student loan crisis have everything to do with it. twitter.com/cnbc/status/118088

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@AOC@twitter.com So why are you not endorsing and being an uplifting voice to Bernie's presidential candidacy? He is literally the only one taking on these crises... Warren's student debt cancelation leaves $1 TRILLION of debt still on the backs of students and working families!

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"Stingy millennials" = Millennials are broke AF and drowning in student loans, medical debt and ridiculous rents, BUT OK 😒 twitter.com/CNBC/status/118088

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No matter who you support for President—PLEASE watch & share this video. It gives insight into 1 of most powerful, underrated & misunderstood political movements of our time —the 1 to elect @BernieSanders@twitter.com. Impossible to know USA today without understanding Bernie better. twitter.com/0rf/status/1179843

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