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My first year (2012) working for @BernieSanders@twitter.com—outside the WH saving from the Chained-CPI.

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There's only 1⃣ school nurse for every 2⃣,8⃣5⃣9⃣ students in Chicago.


NNU nurses marched with striking @CTULocal1@twitter.com teachers fighting for fully staffed schools with nurses, counselors, and teacher aides. @chicagosmayor@twitter.com

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Good day of stuff at @theprospect@twitter.com. We have an important story from @alex_sammon@twitter.com on Amazon spending $1.4 million to get Kshama Sawant and other left-wing members dumped off the Seattle City Council prospect.org/power/seattles-bi

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@theprospect@twitter.com @alex_sammon@twitter.com .@greenhousenyt@twitter.com notes that these "future of work" discussions keep taking place without any worker voices prospect.org/labor/where-are-t

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@theprospect@twitter.com @alex_sammon@twitter.com @greenhousenyt@twitter.com .@JBSDC@twitter.com goes through how Congressional Democrats can insulate progressive legislation to make it more survivable to Supreme Court challenge prospect.org/power/how-democra

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So after 18 years of undeclared war, continually bombing eight nations, it seems we might add Iran to the mix. Why stop at eight? American exceptionalism morphed from a subtle narcissistic notion into an open-faced, warmongering cult.

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“Hillary Clinton, according to two people close to her, has not ruled out jumping in herself, a sign that she is hearing similar dissatisfaction.” washingtonpost.com/politics/an
It’s like they want Trump to win again

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I think many upper-middle-class folks don't understand how expensive it is to be poor, partly why they say "how is it fair that poor get student debt forgiveness when I had to pay it off?". Thing is -- poor already paid it off too but didn't get credit, THAT'S the point.

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READ: Nancy Pelosi's 'Truth Exposed' Factsheet Says 'President Trump Has Betrayed His Oath of Office...for His Own Personal Political Gain'

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Since is trending for the Trump sycophant @LindseyGrahamSC@twitter.com, let me introduce you to an INFINITELY BETTER Lindsey — as in @LindseyBoylan@twitter.com.

She's running for Congress and I'm working to help elect her.

Here is how she talks to .

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Pssst, you can read NY T articles without logging in by hitting the Reader View button on your browser, so long you catch it while the page is loading before their scripts disable it.

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@TeamPelosi@twitter.com They did, indeed.

They also feared leaders:

✅ stealing public funds (as Trump has from the beginning),
✅ starting wars for political purposes (as Bush did with your support)
✅ abusing rights (as Bush, Obama, and now Trump have done, with your help).

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We now know the richest 400 Americans have rigged the system to pay lower taxes than everyone else in the country.

The question of our time is this: will we tolerate it? Or will we take back our democracy from the oligarchs who run this country? nytimes.com/interactive/2019/1

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Not stingy. Broke.

And low wages, poor work standards, high cost of living, & a runaway student loan crisis have everything to do with it. twitter.com/cnbc/status/118088

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