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I was working at Stewart’s Shops, a local chain of convenience stores in NYS. Corporate told us we were not allowed to wear mask bc it would make customers uncomfortable. They also would not supply hand sanitizer. We asked for new gloves bc the touch screen computers require a bare hand and would like to wear gloves when dealing with customers. We’ve requested the shields be put up at registers.

I told them I would not be returning back to work until I was at least allowed to wear a mask.

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UPDATE: After hearing the CDC may change their stance on the masses wearing mask I called my manager to see if they changed their policy. She stated it had not changed. She later called me to say they had a conf. call saying employees could now wear them since Trump said essential services people should wear them. She also stated that since I’ve been gone they’ve gotten hand sanitizer and a stronger cleaning solution for wiping down stuff. Additionally, folks would get an extra $1/hr in April.

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Really good Green Party presidential candidates forum going on right now on Facebook and YouTube

Hey world. I have a biology test in an hour. If anyone knows Bio I enough to help me with it I’d really appreciate it. I can pay you $40.

HEY new friend! Just saw you’re green & voting for Howie! Very cool. So am I. Ironically enough I just submitted questions to the forum him and other candidates will be doing on the 29th.

Also, tell me about your TV show.

I won my student senate election. I’m very excited about my new position as student senate secretary. I ran unopposed but I’m not ‘popular’ or anything and honestly didn’t expect to win. My school requires 50% of the vote + 1 for unopposed candidates. A big plus is that the school will pay for my tuition. And I really needed that.

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.
-- Malcolm X

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I fucking love Captain America and everything he stands for and all you bleeding heart-neo-liberal, sudo intellectual, atheist assholes can suck a big fat dick if you don’t like it.

Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets + vanilla frosty

don’t knock it until you try it

I need an assistant. For like regular life shit. Like sooo much shot needs to be done.

Started a GoFundMe for Refugee Action UK if anyone wants to DM me for the link so I don't get doxed. The gist is this ('cos they always need a damn gimmick):
If it gets to £500 I'll dye my hair entirely green. So what?! Boring!
If it gets to £750 I'll make a Lemming costume and wear it for the entire first week back to work. No exceptions. Big serious meetings? Now with Lemmings! Pissed off boomer wanting me at their house to fix shit? Lemming! "Let's Go!" as a Lemming once said :lemming_wave:

This summer, since ima just be at the house anyway, I need to stop fucking around and start on my app.

I fucking died laughing !! Because I know what store they’re at and they basically just took a shit on the pavement. What’s most concerning is their complete LACK OF SHAME. like where is your shame? And in what condition will you be in if someone were to bring you some toilet paper?? Are you back there with your drawers down? Ain’t no body bringing your nasty ass no tissue.

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Real phone convo at work
Customer: Hey um I’m outback. I need help
Me: help w/ what?
Cust: I tried to use the bathroom but it was full. So uh I just took a shit out back. I need someone to bring me toilet paper.
Me: Which location are you at?
Cust: Um the one in [city]
Me: the big one or the little one?
Cust: oh the big one
Me: you’ve got the wrong location. We don’t even have a public bathroom.
Cust: well can you call them and ask them to bring me some tissue
Me: sorry I don’t have their #

sometimes i think about how much effort my parents put into making sure i wouldnt turn out gay and i just have to laugh

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