Every time I come to Little Rock I have to stop at K-Haul and get a pork chop sandwich and gizzards.

Greedy Confessionn:
Sometimes I go onto Instagram and just look at FattiesFeed post. I just love food.

go to bed or go to party?

How much money do you have to make to pay those people to spray that stuff that makes your grass grow? Like what tax bracket is that ?

People itโ€™s important to vote. And Iโ€™m not talking about the presidential election. Thatโ€™s stupid. Iโ€™m talking about your very local elections. City Council, County Legislature, District Attorney, etc.

My Uber driver is an older man who clearly doesnโ€™t fully understand GPS and it would be adorable if I wasnโ€™t running late to the airport.

So my dadโ€™s dad who never took care of him at all just past. I coincidentally planned a trip home this weekend for our church anniversary. I met this man once ... I think. The funeral is Saturday. Am I wrong if I donโ€™t go?

"Malcolm X advocates armed Negroes!" What was wrong with that? I'll tell you what's wrong. I was a black man talking about physical defense against the white man. The white man can lynch and burn and bomb and beat Negroes -- that's all right: "Have patience" ... "The customs are entrenched" ... "Things will get better."
-- Malcolm X

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Soaking my pants with moisturiser before wearing them so I get a constant application of moisture, improving my skin quality

I wonder if nutritionist take agriculture classes... to learn where/how food gets its nutrients.

I shop online way too much already. And this free 2 day shipping thing with Amazon Prime is just making the problem worse.

Homer wrote the entire Iliad in one night after a deveststing break up.

Eugen having a mom is one of those things that is obvious on its face but is something I never thought of. I guess I just assumed he sprang into being, fully formed, half a decade ago.

Thereโ€™s this company I found on Instagram that sells these neat hair accessories and I was going to buy one but the website is in French (they are a French Guiana company). So Iโ€™m waiting for the Dollar to be worth more than the Euro so that I get a โ€˜dealโ€™. The dollar has already gone up from last night so maybe Iโ€™ll order it in a few days... assuming itโ€™ll stay on this track.

I remember being a teen and thinking everyone was having sex.

Okay so I've realized that it's fucking impossible to:

- make video content
- write a blog
- moderate a server
- be healthy
- be social offline and online
- work for a living
- work on the side

All at the same time.

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