Boost this toot and I’ll pull a tarot card for you.
Temperance is your card

I’ve also pulled the hanged man for you hun
Wheel of fortune is your card
Ive pulled The Hierophant for youv

King of swords is your tarot card

The Empress is your card hun

I’ve pulled the night of sword card

Hello. You have the 10 of wands

Ben, your card is the Page of Coins

Christina, I’ve pulled the Knights of coins for you.

The Empress! Second time this card has came up.

The Hermit.. very popular card tonight.

The Fool! My favorite card.
I’ve pulled the 8 of swords hun

The Fountain! I’m going to explain this one about because it’s custom to The Fountain deck. It’s a beautiful card really. And I encourage you to read the official description online. But essentially it means that you are one with everything, the universe, and divine nature. This is a time to simply just be. β€˜You are the voice and breath of the universe β€˜

Just let me know if I somehow skipped your tarot card.
Otherwise, I hope you guys found them helpful


still so funny u pulled this one. didnt think it would be that accurate thru thu the web lmao

@LexPendragon @SpunkyAlpaca

def some layers of connectivity with me and the hermit both visually and interpretation lmao

@SpunkyAlpaca Huh. Wonder what my wife has to do with anything.

Anything specific, I mean, she's part of my everything.

@LexPendragon for me one card readings are more like a general guidance to my life in that moment. I would say the Empress card means you should take advantage of the safety you currently have ( maybe from your wife/but also maybe not ) and begin working on what ever needs to be worked on because you have the guidance and safety to do so.

@SpunkyAlpaca So, "Safety" is the operative meaning you get. Which is kewl, as I'm still in the early stages of being self employed, so the reassurance is welcomed.

@LexPendragon oh well yes! Exactly! You can focus on building yourself/ building and your wife will be your safety net and make sure everything is Gucci.

@SpunkyAlpaca out of curiosity, can you pull one for me for my journey with my animal guide? just trying to find one rn. sorry if this is a weird thing to ask

@LexPendragon uummm ... there is also a World card and is more about wisdom and the completion of your journey. That card is standard.
Since I’m using The Fountain deck they have added a card to the major arcana.. meaning clarity and being one with the universe

@SpunkyAlpaca I was thinking more that if you have reached completion of your life's task, your next step is to become one with everything.

@LexPendragon I think it makes sense to interpret it that way. The major arcana is a journey that ends with the World card. In this deck the Fountain ends the major arcana giving a whole new way of viewing the β€˜end of your journey’

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