Just launched a instance! I’d love for all you lovelies to join.
We’ll ❤️ each others pictures and it’ll be super great 🤗

*Boost Please*

BTW.. (disclaimer) obviously pixelfed is still developing but I’ve been keeping it updated and doing the best I can to make it great 😬

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@MordecaiPinhas OMG 😽THATS WONDERFUL!! Welcome! 🤘🏾!! Right on!!!!! 🤸🏾‍♀️ ...I’m gonna follow you

@SpunkyAlpaca Can I post to it from an app? Or only on my desktop?

@MordecaiPinhas you can ‘make it an app’ on your smartphone by adding it to your home screen. The interface is actually fairly nice.

@SpunkyAlpaca Hmm not seeing that option for me. I'm on iOS tho, so maybe it's not there

@MordecaiPinhas @SpunkyAlpaca it’s hidden a bit, if you’re using the default safari browser, it’s under the share menu (box w/an upwards arrow)

Hi, what are your tokens there for me to follow? (I already have an account on another instance but like that one, too)

Well, I thought "token" would be the term for these names because I believe to have seen someone using it that way...

@el_ulri oh. My apologies you’re right. I’m a noob. This is actually on my todo list. Look out for it today or tomorrow

@Mrfunkedude pixelfed is currently on version 0.9 and I’m version 1.0 federation between pixelfed instances is expected. But you can follow pixelfed accounts on Mastodon, Anfora, Pleroma, and Misskey currently

@SpunkyAlpaca I believe you can still federate but it takes some extra steps can't you?

Also, what's your username there?

@SpunkyAlpaca hey o/~ did you disable registrations? i'm getting

419 | Page Expired

when hitting [register]

@hirojin No registration is not closed. We’ve had several people register today.

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