When folks go vote the entire ballot should be easy to read and clear. But this shit is so far from okay. Like who fucking wrote this? I swear to the fediverse I will be calling the County Board of Elections and making a formal complaint.

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Update: I called the County BOE & they said the County Legislature actually wrote the text. Then I called legislature & they said they write the law but do not write the text that appears on the ballot. Obviously, I’m being given the runaround but I’ll call a friend who probably knows who’s responsibly this particular detail is. Once I have that information I’ll email my legislator and complain about the writing of this on the ballot because it’s unacceptable.

By the way. Here’s a link to the actual piece of legislation. It actually seems like a decent piece of legislation. Sucks that you can’t tell by looking at the ballot. They should have included the summer and intent on the ballot.


I'm pretty good with English but I can't make head or tail of this, Jesus Christ o.o that's a disturbingly transparent attempt to confuse people out of making an informed decision

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