HEY new friend! Just saw you’re green & voting for Howie! Very cool. So am I. Ironically enough I just submitted questions to the forum him and other candidates will be doing on the 29th.

Also, tell me about your TV show.

@SpunkyAlpaca It's based off of Bram Stoker's Dracula and it takes place in modern times, focusing on the newest member of the Harker family. He learns and trains with the help of his peers and family, and I really think it could work and take off. :3

The scripts I sent to class both got an A for the early and current versions of the pilot.

@debs Oh neat. The idea of a modern Dracula is kind of funny. Will it be a comedy ?

@SpunkyAlpaca I'm planning on having it half serious half comedic for the first parts and then going more serious with comedic parts later on.

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