@mgiagante ohhhh. Yeah it’s the bomb ! You wouldn’t expect it to be but it’s super good.

Really good Green Party presidential candidates forum going on right now on Facebook and YouTube


Hey world. I have a biology test in an hour. If anyone knows Bio I enough to help me with it I’d really appreciate it. I can pay you $40.

@debs Oh neat. The idea of a modern Dracula is kind of funny. Will it be a comedy ?

HEY new friend! Just saw you’re green & voting for Howie! Very cool. So am I. Ironically enough I just submitted questions to the forum him and other candidates will be doing on the 29th.

Also, tell me about your TV show.

I won my student senate election. I’m very excited about my new position as student senate secretary. I ran unopposed but I’m not ‘popular’ or anything and honestly didn’t expect to win. My school requires 50% of the vote + 1 for unopposed candidates. A big plus is that the school will pay for my tuition. And I really needed that.

@emsenn@myasstodon.xyz here’s an example of what I’m suggesting

something you could try is putting a net up maybe 3-4 ft above the dirt space. Probably can just use spare wood or pipes. Maybe a double layer of screen and a layer of chicken wire- for sturdiness. That way you can plant something but the water may not crash down so immediately. Maybe wild rice?

@emsenn@myasstodon.xyz what specific issue are you trying to eliminate? Is it that the flooding is annoying or is the issue that the water is being wasted or is it something else ?

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.
-- Malcolm X

#anarchism #quote #bot

Do you look at the keyboard while you're typing?

Selfie, eye contact 

@imani super cute!! Yellow is your color!

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