Personal weather report for the rest of the day:

Despite a partially cloudy but pleasant morning, this afternoon's high anxiety front could lead to a strong chance of disphoria storms all evening. Possible accumulation of 1-3 inches of depression by morning.

"This is the best magical sword in the world."
"When drawn, it will answer my emails, make my phone calls, fill my forms, by itself."

us politics 

Apparently Sen. Graham likened the tax bill to: "It's like making a cocktail. If you've got to add more of this and less if that, I'm fine."

So here is my 'Tax Overhaul Martini':
3 parts Gin
2 parts pureed 'Hopes and Dreams of the Masses'(tm)
Fill the glass with an Arsenic based vermouth
Add a splash of Cyanide for flavor

Add more or less of each ingredient to taste.

"Why can't anyone pull the sword from the anvil, to be rightful ruler?"
"Nobody has a right to rule, only permission."

Okay, I made a mock-up of my ideal privacy settings!

For screen-readers:

Local switches on when you turn Fediverse on. (But you can have Local on and Fediverse off.)

Fediverse and Local can be on while "Boosts" is off.

You can allow boosts on Local, but it will only be visible on your own instance.

- When "Mutuals only" is on, everything else switches off.
- When "Followers only" is on, everything else switches off.
- When "Direct message" is on, everything else switches off.

#mastoadmin poll: would you want your instance to show unlisted toots in hashtags?

(please boost)

:heart_nb: Eeeeee we have the full set! Thank you @chr!

One migraine to rule them all,
One migraine to find them,
One migraine to bring them all
And in the darkness make them cry....

On a related topic, What's the orcish for migraine?

Siri ran through the forest, touched trees, breathed deeply.
To human eyes, it was just another robot. To Siri, an Actual Reality headset.

I feel completely out of spoons right now.
That does not bode well for all my week prepive got to do.
And that does not bode well for my week...

Also, gimme more fantasy worlds where there isn’t just one variety of (usually masculine/patriarchal) power; where women side characters are allowed to have authority/agency/competence in their specific arena; more powerfully femme magical systems

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Just wrote a piece on the disphoria I've been experiencing. Probably shouldn't have done it at work, but hey, it's not like my brain gives me a break while I'm here. Maybe I'll share it later, when I've got some more spoons.

I've got game tonight, and I don't know what to inflict on my players. I've had all week to think on it and I'm still drawing a blank.... Start working brain!

new here, mostly out of curiosity. I really like the theory, and am hoping it thrives.

I'm a queer geek gamer, who is really bad at these intro things... 🐿


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