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Radha Krishnan @Srkrishna@mastodon.social

Rejuvenation of mesh network cohort with FSFTN


Happy 😃😃😃

Libcom: **1968 in India**

"We wrote down some thoughts for a discussion meeting with comrades of wildcat (Germany) about the global uprising of 1968, looking at the wider historical background of 1968 in India. For two years industrial areas like Faridabad were pretty much out of control, with managers being beaten up during nightshifts, managers’ canteens being re-appropriated by …"


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Did you saw this? It's simply crazy. #Degoogle

After a long time, Interacted with College Students in Karaikudi. Institutions doesn't play much role in the growth of the students and the local Organisation/GLUG holds the responsibility to enrich these resources.