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When newcomers to Mastodon start acclimating to their surroundings, find themselves in a brand groove, and start throwing out dank memes with a cockiness of an Attitude Era wrestler.

Calabash squash on the vine, I go off on tangents, cos its a sine.

It really sucks so much ass that you do everything right in the world and for your body and your blood glucose levels are at a lowly 57 currently and you got diagnosed earlier this year as the fates intended. 'Cause why not, right? Fuck yeah, 2020. Suffering is the way.

Love is fleeting and ephemeral, but Fleets are fucking tight. Let's get this bread.

I’m cow-tipping at Lon Lon Ranch and you’re being chased by syphilitic octoroks. Must be nice.

Emily Dickinson could not stop for death, but she could at least stop to look at the pics from the Black Metal Cats Twitter account and further rhapsodize about it in her private Clubhouse chatroom.

mental health 

My hands decided to shake uncontrollably today while I was while filling out medical forms for my telehealth therapist appt tomorrow which was a real party foul, I must say. Anxiety has enveloped my personage completely like being wrapped up in a blanket full of murder hornets who are into screamo.

It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the horn blows.

The coolest song in existence is probs I Know What Boys Like by The Waitresses tbh.

The next IG update will tear a hole in the very firmament of creation and unshackle Morgoth from his void prison.

You haven't experienced the purest form of ma'at until you've listened to The Radio Dept's Clinging to a Scheme in a hyperbaric chamber.

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