Brazil's National Museum went up in flames tonight, massive flames at that. It's a total loss, millions of priceless historical artifacts turned to ash in seconds, including a 10,000 year old naturally preserved mummy, the oldest such mummy in the Americas. I am feeling beyond devastated and helpless at this moment. To lose history is to lose our own humanity is to lose everything.

@StQuelleSurprise This makes me incredibly sad 🙁

I just Google it and Good Lord the place has gone up in an inferno - are there any ideas of how the fire even started yet!?

@letthewatersroar They don't know yet. But the museum staff did complain of its severely dilapidated state before the fire.. and they were ignored, which is just unbelievable to me. Words can't even begin to describe the depths of my sadness to this tragedy. Tragic doesn't even begin to describe it..

@StQuelleSurprise Arts and culture always seem to be the first things dropped, or ignored by governments. They're often seen as optional luxuries by politicians which is maddening.

I have no idea how fast the fire spread but I wonder if they managed to rescue any of the artefacts...I really hope so.

What a dark day :(

@StQuelleSurprise whaaat?!! I’m aching. ACHING. Oh no! This is Library of Alexandria-like loss. This is catastrophic. I fear we are at risk of this sort of thing happening regularly, due to neglect, ignorance, climate disasters, war. I felt this same pain when Mesopotamia was sacked in the Iraq War. And when Aleppo became a pile of rubble a couple of years ago.

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