Some of the best shitposters online work out of & Eugen is cheating you out of excellent content with an instance mute

bofa users are welcome to invite other users to our instance as long as you're sure they aren't fash or terf trash

I don't blame the mods per se. I blame Wheaton's white, cis, male, thin skinned attempt to invoke the same power structures that protect him here on the shitty crypto-fascist birdsite.
He's the internet equivalent of the white ppl who call the cops on black ppl having a bbq in the park.

the contortions some people can wring themselves in to protect their new celebrity friends are *impressive*

Shut up Wesley is harassment now? Because it's "a meme intended to silence a specific person"?


shout out to will wheaton for ruining everything he touches

@succubus everyone loves mastodon, the service that isnt dominated by the interests of garbage celebrities *5 seconds later* we regret to inform you that a garbage celebrity has caused a ton of drama

oh we got blocked by dot cloud, huh. the server that reported me for calling wil wheaton a clout chaser and also someone just for saying "dril wheaton"?

christ man. this place seemed pretty cool for a while. just like wesley to ruin a good episode huh

so that was a great week, right?

*looks around nervously*

This is probably a bad fucking time to say Mastodon administration works a lot like a game of Crusader Kings II, huh?

its kind of funny how a rich celebrity with massive social capital is ruining the website that people flocked to specifically to get away from rich celebrities with massive social capital

Blocking entire instances for being a dick to Wesley is a bit of an overreaction.

Wil needs to apologize for years of being a terrible person over on the brdst.

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