Some of the best shitposters online work out of & Eugen is cheating you out of excellent content with an instance mute

I don't blame the mods per se. I blame Wheaton's white, cis, male, thin skinned attempt to invoke the same power structures that protect him here on the shitty crypto-fascist birdsite.
He's the internet equivalent of the white ppl who call the cops on black ppl having a bbq in the park.

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the contortions some people can wring themselves in to protect their new celebrity friends are *impressive*

Shut up Wesley is harassment now? Because it's "a meme intended to silence a specific person"?


@succubus everyone loves mastodon, the service that isnt dominated by the interests of garbage celebrities *5 seconds later* we regret to inform you that a garbage celebrity has caused a ton of drama

so that was a great week, right?

*looks around nervously*

This is probably a bad fucking time to say Mastodon administration works a lot like a game of Crusader Kings II, huh?

its kind of funny how a rich celebrity with massive social capital is ruining the website that people flocked to specifically to get away from rich celebrities with massive social capital

Blocking entire instances for being a dick to Wesley is a bit of an overreaction.

Wil needs to apologize for years of being a terrible person over on the brdst.

@Pyretta @CM_noelle @Eweish1 @CM_chrismartin @Yukari @CM_jusdepatate @Gargron

I tweeted at him for *literally years*, and talked to mutual friends about it, and did everything I could to bring it to his attention that he was actively harming trans people by continuing to promote Harper's *personal* list. And there were dozens of other people in his mentions doing the same thing.

He ignored all of it, all of *us*, rather than back down in any way.

For *years*.

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