they bully my wife in the bad way and without permission

You ever just want to become a cryptid glitch girl AI hidden deep in the internet who interacts with people through old forums and IRC

Got an interview with BairesDev tomorrow

it sounds too good to be true so I'm trying not to expect too much

and I kind of tried to comfort her, telling her that there were ways to meet people like her who'd support her and everyone together could work towards everyone's dreams and she doesn't have to stop doing what she likes and we can actually have hope for the future

it took me til I was telling this dream to someone else to realize that this dream was me now and me back a few years ago, and it was me telling myself that I gotta give less of a crap about what people say and just try and be happy

and the other person was kinda laughing awkwardly but I was just smiling and shrugging it off so it just died off there and the girl seemed actually interested in what I was drawing

I remember after a while I approached the girl and she broke down and started venting about how everyone picks on her and such and that there *are* things she wants to do, like dreams, but they're unachievable because people laugh at her and such

couple of nights ago I dreamed of a very disheveled unkempt girl being really depressed that she'd keep being picked on and bullied and was alone and had no friends

and it really annoyed me and for example she'd start doodling in her notebook and someone in front of me started laughing at her for drawing pokemon and such and I turned my notebook around and I was drawing pokemon too

Psst hey

I don't really stream anymore (net's bad) but I started Youtube LPs again, now w/Patreon! Support if you can/want, spread the link around if you wanna c:

Deltarune, minor character spoiler 


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