If you want true decentralization, either do a federated system (like Mastodon, heh), peer-to-peer (like BitTorrent), or self-host.

This article confirms my suspicions: Web3 is NOT as decentralized as people think it is. neelc.org/posts/web3-centraliz

Here's a cool e-ink calender project patterned after the Macintosh made by the guy behind the classic Mac game Glider!

Here's an interesting way to reuse your old laptop if your display is broken: turn it into a Commodore 64-esque "keyboard computer"! (I might do this with an old HP laptop whose screen is cracked...) notebookcheck.net/Screenless-M

That one Kia EV6 ad's use of Total Eclipse of the Heart made me think of this classic YouTube gem: youtu.be/fsgWUq0fdKk

Wordle 237 6/6


(Somehow, my decision of choosing an S21+ over a OnePlus 8T or 9 is proving to be a good idea. This means my S21+ will get up to Android 15 and security updates up to... 2026 or so?)

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THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Slackware 15, the latest version of the oldest still-active Linux distro out there, has hit stable! Didn't expect that news, but here we are!

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