Today's Tiger Lake-H announcement and subsequent flood of laptops with the new chip highlights a big problem with the current computer industry... where the heck are the non-Nvidia GPUs?! I don't want to have to deal with the third-party drivers on Linux!

It amuses me to see that Kodi officially added support for Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Series X/S) recently considering its origins as a media player for the original Xbox. (Only difference is that this time, Microsoft is officially sanctioning it.)

(Also, as much as I hate that most companies tend to follow Apple's lead when it comes to design ideas, I'm sincerely hoping that the new iMacs will lead to more colorful desktop computers. I want wacky, colorful cases again, darn it!)

(I sincerely apologize for all my Apple related toots today. As much as I don't like Apple's business practices nowadays, you gotta admit they made and still make some great hardware.)

(On the subject of AirTags, when the heck did we start living in a universe where Apple's version is cheaper than Samsung's version? Note that when I mention Samsung's version, I mean the one with UWB like the AirTags. The one without UWB is the same price.)

Also, someone help me: whenever I see the AirTags, all I see is that puck mouse. Or the old Apple power adapter.

(To this this day, I would love to have an Indigo iMac G3 and matching iBook. Who cares if both are out of date?)

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But still, I can't wait to see the RISC-V boards, even if they won't be as fast as ARM boards... for now.

I admit, with MIPS ending development of its architecture as well as news that one of the biggest champions of the MIPS architecture will now be developing its own architecture, I'm feeling kind of sad to see MIPS go. Especially since it powered a lot of things we take for granted (game consoles, networking equipment, etc.) Here's a cool and interesting discovery on Homefront: The Revolution that came unnoticed for 5 years: a full playable version of TimeSplitters 2! (So... how long before Embracer Group finally gets around to making a new TimeSplitters?)

I kind of regret choosing a Galaxy S5 over the LG G3 when I had the chance...

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