With a GUI? GEOS on a #C64 :mastogrin:
The shell was Commodore Basic V2...

@Plumeros @StartpageSearch Denn habe ich bei mir nicht bewertet. Den habe ich 14 Tage bevor ich den C64 gekauft habe, geschenkt bekommen

@betamax65 @StartpageSearch It had the hell of a 64 kB RAM extension and I used it a few years before jumping to an Atari then.

MS-DOS 5 with Windows 3.1 (at home, but before then I'd used Acorn MOS at school).

@StartpageSearch Windows ME 😬

It was the computer of my parents. When i got my own it had Windows XP.

It took some time until i learned that macOS and Linux are a thing.


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