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You are apart of the big tech, after all your search engine is just a proxy for Google. And you block TOR and VPNs.

Why did you kill Ixquick?

@digdeeper Thank you for your question! We do not block TOR and VPNs in general. The opposite: We recommend both of them and encourage people to use various tools to improve their online privacy. If people use either or them, it's possible the IP address they are using has been associated with abusive patterns in the past by other users. Therefore it could trigger our anti-abuse mechanism that prevents our service from being excessively queried by bots.

@digdeeper Since 2018 we no longer offer our ixquick products. We believe focusing resources on Startpage, our most popular search site, is the best way to fulfill our privacy mission. You can find more information here: support.startpage.com/index.ph


By "focusing resources on Startpage", you've given Google the monopoly on search results. The same Google that censors important information about e.g the pandemic. Congratulations.

In that case, though, why are you posting unfunny memes pretending to hate on Big Tech? When Google is one of the main Big Tech players and you've ceded control to them?

I guess maintaining your own search engine is too hard. Better post memes instead.

@digdeeper The problem with big tech is how they treat user’s personal data. Therefore, our mission is to help people protect their data. We provide Google results because they provide the best results and combine it with privacy. Currently, we also provide search results from other partners such as Tomorrow.io, finnhub.io, MapQuest, Websters, Wikipedia.

We’re sorry to hear that you hear you feel this way about our memes. But no worries, humor is always subjective. ;-)

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