Do you care if your messenger is end-to-end encrypted?

BTW: here are some frequently recommended end-to-end encrypted messengers:

Yes, I care. When I send someone a message, my expectation is that only me and the person I've sent the message to can see it. I think that messengers should make that the reality.

@StartpageSearch Only Signal and Element [matrix] are truly private and secure.

@StartpageSearch To the Note, Element is not a messenger - A Client for the Matrix Protocol. It's sort of Misleading.

@u_urban @StartpageSearch I like the general idea an miss the good old times of Pidgin on PC, but nowadays I find little to no person to switch to #xmpp to chat with

@Schnatty @StartpageSearch
I know that problem, nevertheless I keep the flag raised!

My classmates told me seriously that e2e encryption is not important.

@SilverSurfer Für #Matrix (oder Element, wie der Klient heißt) braucht man auch keine Telefonnummer.

@StartpageSearch #signal is such a great messenger and for me essential.

#Element is a little complicated to use but I like the possibilities.

End-to-End-Encryption is important for me, because why should I just trust a server or provider to secure the messages properly

@StartpageSearch I'm using a Signal for family and close friends, Session for people like colleagues or other professional settings.

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