Hey Firefox users: Why is Firefox your default?

"Firefox does exactly what I need — it scratched the itch many years ago and now I’m settled." - Alex Blake, Digital Trends

@StartpageSearch I have used the major browsers over the years—some times casting about when Firefox went through problems—but I have always come back to Firefox because it works how I like.

@mattkuhns @StartpageSearch same here, tried others, always returned to and I mostly try out forks of Firefox these days

@StartpageSearch In my opinion Firefox is meanwhile pretty much crap. CPU and/or GPU workload much RAM etc. pp especially if video is running or else. 😟

@StartpageSearch The level of #privacy you can achieve with hardened #Firefox is basically unmatched at this point. I'm not married to Firefox's brand--but with all of Mozilla's work on their ETP features and community efforts like the #Arkenfox user.js and add-ons like #uBlockOrigin, etc.--not to mention the stellar performance and usability--I see no reason to use anything else.

- Uses its own web engine
- Provides total cookie isolation
- Doesn't threaten to roll out a "standard" to kill content-blocking add-ons (see "MV3")
- Isn't developed by a multibillionaire corporation that makes money out of selling user data
- Has a cool logo.

I'm totally with @default on this.
It's a shame that at #Mozilla they seem to have to compromise the #PrivacyByDesign approach in order to be able to secure funding. That's why I very much appreciate the development of e.g. #LibreWolf and #Fennec :mastolove:
iMHO the ongoing development of a browser that is not primarily built to spy on its users should receive public funding.

@StartpageSearch I like how Firefox implements multi- account containers. And its support for all major browser extensions.


@StartpageSearch Because firefox is still the best browser for linux and the chromium monopoly sucks

@StartpageSearch who else has a chance at breaking google chrome's monopoly?
monopolies are bad. i'm not going to support them if there's anything I can do.
regarding privacy, mozilla would have to walk backwards for chrome to have any chance of actually catching up. admittedly, mozilla keeps trying just that, but they usually stop in time.

@StartpageSearch Because, It is a part of the Open Web and encourages users and tries to protect their Privacy by Default.

And I am using them to de-Monopolize the Chromium Monopoly.

@StartpageSearch uso Firefox perché mi trovo semplicemente bene. È il mio browser di uso quotidiano e da quando esiste l’ho installato su tutti i miei device e sistemi che sono iPadOS, /e/os e Manjaro Linux. Tutti sincronizzati e con le estensioni per la privacy

@StartpageSearch Should I come back to Firefox?
I usually use Opera and DuckDuckGo Browsers, but sometimes Firefox Klar App.
In Business world Edge and Chrome.

@StartpageSearch Firefox does not truly care about your privacy. Check the connection a freshly installed Firefox makes. It's concerning.

Librewolf is a privacy respecting fork.

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