Before you start using a new tool, do you read privacy policy?

"Marketing messages can claim almost anything, but a privacy policy has legal status." - Robert E.G. Beens, Startpage Co-founder and CEO

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@StartpageSearch random question but i always wondered how you all stay afloat given i dont see any way the product is monetized

@doomy Good question! Like most private search engines, we make money from contextual ads. These ads are based on your search query, not your personal data.

More info here:

Let us know if you have any other questions!

@StartpageSearch Everyone should read privacy policy before using any software or service..

@mueenulit @StartpageSearch have to admit, there is room to improve, but I read it for work related software / services I want to use for a long time or pay for or recommend to a client

@Startpage Always, and in full. Can take a while before I can use the service, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Took me an afternoon to read all those documents and linked documents before I installed Civilization 6 on Steam, and almost decided to send it back.

@StartpageSearch Yesterday i tried to read the new twitter terms privacy policy etc, after a few lines it descended into walls of text, I would have read it all, if it had been simplified, but that would be too easy.

@StartpageSearch Just very perfunctory. If I want (or need… 🥺) to use a product, there's not much of a choice.

@Lucseleventje We need to change that. Users should always have the choice to use a privacy first product!

@StartpageSearch I use TOSdr. No time to read a lot so it covers important parts.

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