Reasons why we don't sell your personal data:
1. We don't collect it.
2. Can't sell what we don't have.
3. We 💙 privacy.
4. The whole point of Startpage is privacy.
5. Commitment to you.

@StartpageSearch #joke, do you have an agreement like duck to let bing's ads target us or maybe it's google, tum tum tuuuuuum 😂 😂 😂 😂

@somegirlprivacy No tracking cookies. No trackers. You can check for yourself using our extension. 🙂

More info:

Just switched to Startpage, but I miss certain things from DDG, like favicons, code embedding and other integrations from the community, like or hex to rgb calculator directely in the swarch engine...
Also I did not find a way to get a direct link to the pictures without proxy. (I know, it is great for privacy, but for Source references it is not that useful.

@MagicLike Good to hear you made the switch to Startpage!

Just shared your feedback with the team. Thanks for the insight! 👍

@StartpageSearch I like Startpage, but sometimes when I'm using VPN and try to search for something, I get an error page. Any idea why that happens?

@MuuhdistMonk It sounds like you triggered our anti-abuse mechanism. It helps us prevent our service from being excessively queried by bots - which result in server slow-down & extra costs.

If you get the CAPTCHA form, we encourage you to complete it. And, with your VPN, try to release your IP address to get a new one. If you continue to have any issues, email us at

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