@StartpageSearch Put curtains on your windows.

(if you mean something like that)

@StartpageSearch It depends what you mean by "non-tech," but I have an RFID protector in my wallet so people can't scan my credit cards!

@StartpageSearch think before you speak. Unless it is on Senfcall, then you can add your mustard anyways.

Learned this in Pokémon hardgold. Don't give strangers your phone number.

@StartpageSearch Avoid saying 'Yes!' while picking up the phone. Could be the call will be recorded and cut together to sell you products on the phone and to trap you into a contract you never want.

@StartpageSearch Never tell your name or your addresses, use alias and external mailbox instead. #privacy

In Germany you can apply for an information blockage at the Einwohnermeldeamt otherwise they may give away your data for some strange reasons. Also you can make use of several of your rights from the GDPR. For example block your data for advertisement or delete it. This can be done offline e.g. insurances or other services.

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