Which would you replace?

OS: Mac OS
Browser: Safari
Email: Gmail
Search: Google

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Thats simple, every single one.
Btw. it would be nice if @StartpageSearch would replace it's owner which is an advertising company ;)

@citizenserious @StartpageSearch ...and that's the point why i consider not to use Startpage. Therefore i use Searx instead.

@geolode @citizenserious @StartpageSearch Does searx have its own index or does it use other search engines indirectly (and rather without permission)? I often hear of blocked searx instances.


The one that hurt's most. 😉
And then start again and again and again and ...

@StartpageSearch This Leads to the question how smooth Linux Distros run on M1 nowadays.
But technically replace everything would be a good start.


OS: Linux (don't care much about the distro)
Browser: Librewolf or Firefox
Email: Disroot or Protonmail
Search: Startpage or SearX

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