What are your unpopular opinions on privacy?

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@StartpageSearch Privacy is a good thing. Using it for Discriminate people is bad. e-Discrimination is worse.

@StartpageSearch Unpopular in which setting? My view that all Zuckerberg's traffic should be blocked at the perimeter and that the Web without excellent content-blocking is a toxic cesspool is probably more popular here than among the rest of the population.

@StartpageSearch privacy takes s lot of effort. Life on the web is easier without. Unfortunately. That client-side scanning on Apple devices is a terrible idea because it undermines people's ability to have control over their devices. Devices should work for people, not the other way around. 🙈

Privacy should be a protected human right everywhere.

Consent without a realistic and informed option to refuse isn’t consent.

@StartpageSearch unpopular opinion?

Everyone, everyone has something to hide.

@StartpageSearch That it matters. Very unpopular with my not-so IT affine friends.

Privacy may require some extra effort, but it's worth it.

@Shadowstreik @StartpageSearch Isn’t that the truth. Privacy really needs to be default.

@StartpageSearch People should avoid using Windows at all costs and switch to GNU/Linux

@StartpageSearch privacy is subjective. Different people have different ideas on what data may be collected and companies should respect that. Of course its better to simply not collect data, but in some situations data collection could be helpful. The KDE desktop environment does a good with this. There is no data collection by default, but you can turn it on if you are fine with that and wish to help. There is even a slider that allows users to choose how much to send.

@StartpageSearch JavaScript is the biggest potential attack vector and used by privacy violators. A good page design should, at the very least, work without JavaScript

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