In light of Supreme Court decision, we want to remind folks: There's a way to privately access information. Startpage sees the search terms used, the IP address they came from, and where that IP address is located, correct? And doesn't Google see the search terms as well, since Startpage uses Google search results?

People should not do anything on the internet that they're not okay with being tied back to them, especially if they don't have a good understanding of how much information they're sharing when they use the internet.

I'm just worried about people having a false sense of security from using "private" search engines, that's all. ❤️

@thebiologist1117 Total anonymity is impossible, even with Tor. While extremely difficult, it can be chained together to link back to you.

@inference @thebiologist1117 With Startpage, your personal data and search history are never recorded. IP address is removed by servers we manage. Your search can't be traced back to you.

When you use our Anonymous View feature, you can visit search results in Startpage privacy.

More info:

@StartpageSearch @thebiologist1117 While I'm not saying you're lying, just as with VPNs, how can we know you're actually doing as you say?

Have there been audits done?

@inference @thebiologist1117 In 2007, we reached out to EuroPriSe. EuroPriSe performed a rigorous and thorough audit of our privacy and data-handling practices and awarded us the EuroPriSe Privacy Seal certification.

Since GDPR went into effect in 2018, we have been GDPR compliant and continue to comply with EU / Dutch privacy laws. These are widely regarded as the strongest privacy protections in the world.


Tough guys, you and inference! 🤭😝
Thanks for this. ❤️

@StartpageSearch @thebiologist1117 @inference Instead of trusting Startpage not to exploit your IP address, using Tor is a no-brainer. Using a browser that mitigates fingerprinting is also a good idea (e.g. Tor Browser). As DDG has demonstrated, trusting a privacy policy is insufficient. Startpage does not have an onion svc, so you are bottlenecked into 1 of ~300 or so exit nodes which could be controlled by an adversary.

@inference @thebiologist1117 @StartpageSearch If that same adversary were to also control the entry and middle nodes, you’re still most likely anonymous to Startpage & your ISP still does not know where you went, but the adversary knows. If Startpage had an onion site, it would reduce the chances of that b/c the exit node would be replaced with 1 of thousands of middle nodes, thus less likely for an adversary to control all 3

@inference @thebiologist1117 Indeed the false sense of security is a risk for many because many don’t see the angles. The only counter for that is to understand the technology. VPNs are very prone to people having a false sense of security b/c there are a lot of idiots out there telling people to use a VPN to solve a problem best solved by Tor.

@thebiologist1117 @inference One risk with #DDG is that you’re not just trusting DDG- you also must trust #Microsoft b/c MS is both the search engine and the hosting svc, so MS sees your IP & your #DuckDuckGo query. #Startpage is free from that risk b/c Google is not the hosting provider only the search engine.

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