@StartpageSearch proprietary software
sorry startpage but i can't use your service

Reddit, windows (switched to linux) and almost Facebook messenger (everybody uses it here in Denmark). The people i text's the most with, uses Signal.

Also Photoshop and illustrator, for gimp and Inkscape. I only use them for work. Same as windows.

I'm trying to quit YouTube and use Odysee instead, but there is so many good YouTubers I follow.

Google maps is also quite hard to quit. Open street maps don't have all the restaurants and shops.

@Alfenstein @StartpageSearch OSM also lacks reviews, and syncing of POIs. But check out organic maps,they're almost there.

@StartpageSearch I've managed to quit a few things (Pocket -> wallabag, OneNote->Joplin and more), but I'm struggling with replacing Google maps, Google photos and Google keyboard. A lot of FOSS keyboards doesn't do a good job on non-english languages.

@StartpageSearch so cool to see you on the fediverse, awesome, that speaks volumes!!:)

@StartpageSearch I would say Twitter, but there is a little time left for independence.

I haven't quit-quit anything really, but I've reduced my use of Facebook, goodreads, and twitter. As well as started using linux and other Foss projects at a greatly I created rate.

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