What are your recommendations for privacy?

📱Mobile OS
☁️Cloud storage

well, lets see:

💻OS: Arch Linux, Tails
📱Mobile OS: GrapheneOS
🔍Search: Startpage
🌐Browser: Librewolf
📧Email: Protonmail,, anything PGP really
💬Messaging: Element, (Signal)
🔐Passwords: Bitwarden
☁️Cloud storage: own NAS/Nextcloud/encrypted S3-compatible


💻 Fedora
📱 Lineage (?, idk, mobile rn is privacy or performance)
🔍 Startpage or DDG (although i don't trust ddg as i did before)
🌐 Firefox
📧 Startmail, ProtonMail or Tutanota
💬 Signal or Session
🔐 Bitwarden
☁️ ProtonDrive

@StartpageSearch Tails Linux, postmarketOS with sxmo,, Tor Browser, self-hosted email with emailwiz and mutt-wizard by Luke Smith, Session, password store, and self-hosted Nextcloud. Host your server in an office building, and share it with your friends.

Linux (Fedora is a decent option, but there are others. Just remember to look at their philosophy and ease os use)
Graphene OS
Librewolf (but you'll likely need a chromium based browser as backup)
Protonmail (Fairemail is a good mobile client, but doesn't support more restrictive services like protonmail)
Signal (May not be practical if people you know dont use it)
Internxt (may need to pay since free option can be a bit restrictive)


💻OS: #Manjaro
📱Mobile OS: #GrapheneOS
🔍Search: Self hosted #SearxNG
🌐Browser: #LibreWolf
📧Email: Self hosted
💬Messaging: @matrix, @threemaapp, #Signal
🔐Passwords: #KeepassXC, #KeepassDX
☁️Cloud storage: @nextcloud with @cryptomator

@sailreal @StartpageSearch

Pretty similar for me:

💻OS: #LinuxMint
📱Mobile OS: #GrapheneOS
🔍Search: @MetaGer, @StartpageSearch
🌐Browser: #LibreWolf
📧Email: @mailbox_org
💬Messaging: @matrix, @threemaapp, #Signal
🔐Passwords: #KeepassXC, #KeepassDX​, self-hosted @bitwarden
☁️Cloud storage: @nextcloud with @cryptomator​

@StartpageSearch 💻Manjaro/Arch Linux
🔍Startpage and sometimes Duckduckgo
💬Signal, Threema, FluffyChat(Matrix)
☁️I am not using any cloud service.

💻 Linux (An ethical distro, I use Artix)
📱/e/ or LineageOS
🔍 Startpage or Qwant
🌐 Firefox
📧 Protonmail
💬 Signal
🔐 KeePass
☁️ I don't use any, Proton has one


My recommendations for privacy:

💻OS: @SolusProject
📱Mobile OS: @GrapheneOS
🌐Browser: @brave
📧Email: @TutanotaTeam
💬Messaging: @signalapp
🔐Passwords: @bitwarden
☁️Cloud storage: @filen_io


💻 Trisquel, Debian
📱 GrapheneOS
🔎 Startpage
🌐 Firefox, Bromite
📧 Posteo,
💬 Signal, Threema
🔐 Paper
☁ No Cloud

OS: Anything other than Windows or MacOS
Browser: Firefox+uBlockOrigin
Messaging: Standard XMPP + OMEMO
Passwords: pass (OpenPGP)

ZorinOS for sure
GrapheneOS or HavocOS (tbh every degoogled os)
Bromite, Ungoogled Chromium (But I personally need hardened Firefox)
Proton Mail or Tutanota (The reason for that is Startmail paid, and not everyone can pay for things)
Signal, and Cinny (Matrix)
Bitwarden for 100%
Proton Drive



- #debian
- #LineageOS (but I would like to try #CalyxOS)
- @StartpageSearch or @duckduckgo
- @firefox
- #selfhosted email with #rainloop and #k9mail
- @signalbot
- @bitwarden
- @nextcloud

OS: Qubes
Mobile OS: BraxOS
Search: Startpage
Browser: Firefox/GNU Icecat
Email: Tutanota
Messaging: Session
Passwords: Bitwarden
Cloud storage: Nextcloud

💻OS #linuxmint
📱Mobile OS #lineageos .... With #microg ... Which is contradictory, no?
🔍Search #duckduckduckgo ... Even if connected (?) to some GAFAM?
🌐Browser For #Linux: #firefox ... For lineages: building.
📧Email #thunderbird
💬Messaging #conversations #jabber #blabber
🔐Passwords #passman with #nextcloud
☁️Cloud storage #nextcloud with #zaclys

Where should I write #trackercontrol ?

💻OS Arch Linux notebook / Endeavour OS pc
📱Mobile OS Android without Google & Huawei account (P40)
🔍Search DuckDuckGo
🌐Browser Vivaldi & Firefox
📧Email Evolution (Gnome) / K9 mobile
💬Messaging Sms & Whatsapp (job) / Telegram / Element
🔐Passwords BitWarden & Keepass
☁️Cloud storage

💻OS: @elementary
📱Mobile OS: @e_mydata ?
🔍Search: @Mojeek
🌐Browser: #firefox
📧Email: @mailbox_org
💬Messaging: #signal / @threemaapp
🔐Passwords: @bitwarden
☁️Cloud storage: @read #cryptee


💻 Fedora
📱 Graphene OS
🔍 Startpage
🌐 Brave
📧 ProtonMail
💬 Signal or Session
🔐 Bitwarden
☁️ ProtonDrive

@StartpageSearch What are your recommendations for privacy? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

💻Linux (whatever Distro depending on your personal demand for privacy) 📱LineageOS 🔍Searx (reliable instance) or Metager 🌐 Librefox 📧 Evolution Mail 💬 XMPP (conversations) Signal, Threema 🔐KeepassXC ☁️ Nextcloud

💻 Pop!_OS, PureOS
📱CalyxOS, Graphene OS, /e/OS
🔍SearX, Brave, Startpage, Presearch
🌐 Librewolf, Firefox, Brave
📧 Self-hosted, Proton, Skiff
💬 Signal, Element, Briar, Session
🔐 Bitwarden, KeepassXC
☁️ Nextcloud, Cryptpad, Skiff, Internxt
📹 Jitsi Meet, Nextcloud Talk, Signal, Element


💻OS: TuxedoOS @tuxedocomputers , ,

📱Mobile OS: @ubports , @murena
🔍Search: @MetaGer , @StartpageSearch
🌐Browser: , @librewolf
📧Email:, @thunderbird
💬Messaging: @signal , @matrix
🔐Passwords: A booklet in foil in the doghouse 😈
☁️Cloud: @nextcloud , @murena , @tuxedocomputers

💻OS = Linux, MacOS,
Android(Google free)

📱Mobile OS = Android(Google free)/iPadOS

🔍Search = Startpage / DuckDuckGo

🌐Browser = Chromium/Firefox/Vivaldi

📧Email = Thunderbird

💬Messaging = Conversations(XMPP) / Element(Matrix)/Threema/Signal

🔐Passwords = KeePassXC

☁️Cloud storage = NextCloud / SeaFile

Just my personal Preferences, yours may vary. 😉

@StartpageSearch Ideally, don't use any of those? I mean, *ideally*. The less you use all of those the more secure you are?


💻OS: Linux with @gnome
🔍Search: DuckDuckGo and @StartpageSearch
🌐Browser: Firefox
📧Email: self hosted (Linode + Cloudron)
🔐Passwords: @bitwarden
☁️Cloud storage: @nextcloud

What I use currently:

💻OS @manjarolinux
📱Mobile OS #GrapheneOS
🔍Search #Qwant
🌐Browser #Librewolf
📧Email #ProtonMail
💬Messaging @delta, @threemaapp
🔐Passwords @nextcloud Passwords
☁️Cloud storage @nextcloud

💻 #tails #whonix #openbsd

📱 #grapheneos #postmarketos

🔍 self-hosted #searx and #yacy #startpage

🌐 #TorBrowser #vanadium #bromite #qutebrowser #falkon #links2 (text browser)

📧 #freemail (email via Freenet), i2p-bote (via i2p), mutt, neomutt

💬 #Signal #jami #briarapp
#onionshare (allows chat)

🔐 human memory, paper, #keepassxc #pass

☁️ self-hosted #NextCloud

For messaging, I add the French app Olvid. I started using it this weekend. Brilliant work.

@zack hi, my Jami account is ademalsasa and I'd love to add more friends like you.

Hi, thank you for your message. You can follow my account if you want.


Yes. Get rid of all of those.

(replacing passwords with PGP signatures)

@StartpageSearch Any Linux system you like
LineageOS or /E/
Duck duck go
Firefox, Vivaldi (both with Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin plugins) or Brave
Self hosted email
Signal or Wire
Keepass compliant software
Self hosted Nextcloud or Owncloud


💻 Any Linux/Unix/open source
📱 (dumbphones/ n/a)
🔍 Startpage, Searx, (maybe? DDG)
🌐 Firefox/any non-Chromium based
📧 Proton, Tutanota
💬 (n/a, probably Signal)
🔐 KeePassXC, password-store, anything self-hosted
☁️ (n/a, probably NextCloud)

💻 ubuntu
🔍 duckduckgo
🌐 Librewolf, TorBrowser
📧 mailfence
💬 Jami
🔐 keepassxc

💻Chrome OS
📱Android +GApps
🌐Google Chrome
🔐Google Docs
☁️Google Drive

What's the prize for having all answers correct?

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