What prompted you to take privacy seriously?

We'll go first: We realized how much personal data non-private search engines collect.

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I've always taken privacy seriously, really.

I remember years ago, when I attended the #Novell #Brainshare conferences in Salt Lake City, how people looked at me as if I were from an other planet when I didn't want my badge scanned everywhere to get stuff like stickers or T-shirts.

Americans didn't seem the least bit concerned about their privacy, Europeans were a bit more cautious but still promiscuous by my standards.

Even as a young boy, long before I ever touched a computer, I kept my private stuff locked away.

@StartpageSearch I have read "Permanent Record" by Edward Snowden. After that focus on privacy. 🤓

I was getting increasingly uneasy with the push to use everything Google in a past job, Gmail, Google docs, Google calendar as well as the subtle peer-pressure to use Facebook.

I might have told this already but saying again. This video - led it all the way here. The starting point for my Journey.

I first mired then got scared when gmail linked both my flights together and sent me a list of hotels with availabilties and dates. Soon after i stumbled upon the nothing to hide documentary and that was it for me:

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