Things Startpage doesn't know about you:
👤 Gender
💍Relationship status
📍 Location

Why should any website know all of this?

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@StartpageSearch sorry for the indelicate question, but how can you prove it?

@Smile85363 Startpage is the only private search engine to share their data flow:

And, Startpage is the only search engine to go through an independent audit:

You can also check our privacy policy:

@StartpageSearch but why don't you make your search engine or browser as an FLOSS application?

@Smile85363 Because we offer Google results in privacy (and pay to do so), we are often targeted by scrapers. If unaddressed, this would undermine our ability to stay in business and provide search results to real human users. To prevent this abuse, we use and regularly update algorithms to distinguish between real and robotic traffic. If these algorithms were open sourced, it would be easy for a scrapers to determine how to get around them, and our service would not remain viable.

@StartpageSearch @Smile85363 Don't listen to the "security through obscurity" part for this. This is a legitimate way to make it more difficult to discover.
@Smile85363 What they said. Opening it up would expose the secrets used to keep it safe. That's not security by obscurity as much as hiding your password from people is.
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