Did you know Startpage is the only private search engine to release their data flow?

Check it out! startpage.com/en/how-startpage

We asked our followers what they consider before switching to a new browser.

Most popular answer: privacy.

Not surprised.

Here's a helpful article to help you choose the right browser for you.


In how many languages can you say: "Privacy is a human right!"

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

Can we get trending?

Just tell us why you care about your privacy and what you're doing to protect it.

Digital driver licenses: yay or nay?

Apple says "that personal information is not stored on Apple’s servers, and that people will never have to hand over their phones to the security agents" but is that enough protection?

Hear from two champions on "who is ruining the web right now and what we need to do": Our CEO and Founder Robert E.G. Beens and Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner discussed all these topics on ! Let us know what you think and any questions you may have.



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