On Sunday, our Austrian members @SystemChangeAT@twitter.com celebrated the new Vienna-Brussels connection as an important step towards climate-friendly mobility and an alternative to flights.

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🥳Der nächste wichtige Schritt in Richtung klimafreundlicheres Transportsystem: der neue ! Noch ein Grund weniger die zu bauen!

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Troubled airline wants the UK to axe Air Passenger Duty to save its business - even if it costs us the Earth.

The @bcn_ajuntament@twitter.com of @AdaColau@twitter.com is committed to ensure that members of its government and municipal staff rule out flights of less than 1,000 kilometres when they have rail alternatives of less than seven hours.

, !

@voxdotcom@twitter.com @JossFong@twitter.com In any case, the 20 minutes are definitely worth to watch. Thanks, @jossfong@twitter.com!
One question: Did the @voxdotcom@twitter.com team think about flying less, after you showed them the climate impact of their flying? Also, maybe Vox could rethink its travel policy.

In this video, @voxdotcom@twitter.com's @JossFong@twitter.com asks "Is it wrong to fly" and does a great job explaining the issue of . She shows why electrified flying is decades away and criticises (a bit).

We just don't completely agree with the conclusions.

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Air travel accounts for about 5% of man-made global warming and is on the rise. Knowing what we do about the climate crisis, is it wrong to fly? @jossfong@twitter.com explores the environmental cost of air travel in this episode of Glad You Asked: youtube.com/watch?v=88Cd5H3kmX

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mayor @AdaColau@twitter.com wants to eliminate flights between Barcelona and Madrid! 👏✊

The @bcn_ajuntament@twitter.com will propose to the Barcelona-El Prat Airport to eliminate the flights that have a railway alternative, such as the connection to Madrid.

This year has to be . We cannot allow emissions to continue to grow if we want to stay below 1.5.

Very good initiative and approach! 👏👏👏

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Cool paper here from @NatureClimate@twitter.com showing the effect of a virtual conference on the delegates.
@DrJenBaker@twitter.com is hosting a virtual conference soon. See her profile for more information :)

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@IATA@twitter.com @IPCC_CH@twitter.com @rahmstorf@twitter.com @KHayhoe@twitter.com @KevinClimate@twitter.com @MichaelEMann@twitter.com The man leading the international association of one of the most polluting industries in the world is effectively a climate change denier.
The same association will start a campaign to make people fly more.

Let that sink in.

@IATA@twitter.com @IPCC_CH@twitter.com @rahmstorf@twitter.com @KHayhoe@twitter.com @KevinClimate@twitter.com @MichaelEMann@twitter.com International Air Transport Association @IATA@twitter.com chief Alexandre de Juniac:
"I’ve never been totally scientifically convinced that it was the CO2 that was the key element for the climate change. There are other gases, other causes."

International Air Transport Association @IATA@twitter.com chief Alexandre de Juniac has doubts about climate change and the impact of anthropogenic CO2.

Maybe you can help him out, @IPCC_CH@twitter.com?
@rahmstorf@twitter.com @KHayhoe@twitter.com @KevinClimate@twitter.com @MichaelEMann@twitter.com

"Governments should incentivise alternative fuels"

De Juniac wants all tax payers to subsidise the most excessive, still elitist and most unsustainable mode of transport. (Which is already happening.)

Aviation has to assume its responsibility.

“They shouldn’t worry to fly more, they shouldn’t.”

Just when we managed to make people aware of the climate crisis and the connection to their habits, @IATA@twitter.com wants to raise doubts again. And so, reverse the success of a whole movement.

The aviation industry and @IATA@twitter.com will launch a campaign to downplay aviation's climate impact.
How profit-driven can one be? To start such a campaign, knowing about your impact and responsibility and despite we see Australia burning at the moment they want to make people fly more.

"Fly more and pollute less"

This is just not possible. For decades to come, flying more will mean emitting more. De Juniac knows that, @GretaThunberg@twitter.com knows it and we know it.
De Juniac's "optimism" would lead us into a climate catastrophe.

"Everybody would stay in his own small village, behind his walls"

De Juniac insinuates that those who campaign against air traffic want to abolish travel altogether. This is of course not true. There are more and less (un)necessary flights. And for many, there are alternatives.

"Aviation is only responsible for 2 percent of CO2 emissions."

That's something we hear often, but it's not getting more true. Aviation accounts for at least 5-8 percent of global heating already, according to @Umweltbundesamt@twitter.com. And it's growing rapidly.

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