"… even with the original, higher baseline, offsets would make up less than 1% of airlines' 2019 operating costs by 2035.
Prices that low mean the scheme offers little incentive to lower emissions."

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"A @dw_environment@twitter.com analysis based on data by @TheICCT@twitter.com shows that projected growth in demand and fuel efficiency means that airlines are unlikely to buy any offsets for the next 5 years, even if the industry recovers faster than it expects."

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"does not make airlines offset emissions from domestic flights, which make up a third of aviation emissions but fall outside the ICAO's remit, or include the owners of private jets. Some states with little air travel are also exempt."

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The truth about the global plan to make flying "green". 🤥✈️

"' is a wreck that is too broken to fix,' said Magdalena Heuwieser, co-founder of . 'It is even worse than doing nothing because it distracts from real solutions.'"

Many organisations are reducing their business air travel to cut carbon.

We are growing our community of organisations modernising their travel policies to make business travel more climate-friendly.

Join us!

You know what's really handy in a pandemic: staying at home, even if you're rich.
What's handy in a climate crisis: ban climate-wrecking excesses like private jets!

Grab a cup of tea and join us talking to the @FrontGreen@twitter.com livestream in an hour ✊


"Due in large part to the growth of short-haul flights, 149 of the 365 cross-border rail links that once existed in Europe were non-operational in 2018, with rail now accounting for only 8% of all passenger travel in EU member states."

And both in water and on land they are above all: cute! 😍

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It’s Penguin Awareness Day! a group of penguins in water is called a raft but on land they are called a waddle? 🐧

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"Existing academic assessments [of Information and Communication Technologies and tourism] are optimistic, simplistic and monocausal, with a focus on business and marketing opportunities."

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Here a paper on ICT and tourism. Unless there is significant change, opportunities for ICT to support the SDGs are overvalued. Or worse. Free downloads: doi.org/10.1080/09669582.2021.

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17 of the 20 busiest air routes in Europe are less than 700km - almost all of these journeys could be shifted to rail. ✈️➡️🚆

Time for the EU & member states to make it happen! germanwatch.org/en/19680

Happy ! 🐧

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It's and science reckons that Emperor penguins might not have any place to live in a world 2°C warmer.

Worse, we are in the 6th mass extinction of species and loosing ~200 species every day. Reducing consumption in the global North is key to any solution.

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Unusual honesty: United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby:
"Carbon offsets do almost nothing to tackle the emissions from flying".

Planeta en 'overbooking': el avión ecológico no existe

Con declaraciones/información de nosotros y @ecologistas@twitter.com @ICTA_UAB@twitter.com @TheICCT@twitter.com @cerulogy@twitter.com @transenv@twitter.com.

Everything you need to know about the technological possibilities for "green flying" in the next 30 years.

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Professor Allwood on flying in a zero emissions future.


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Nice to see that @AOC@twitter.com likes penguins too. 😍🐧

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Just a penguin dance throwback from the before times 🐧🐥

Today in the NYT there’s a story about how imagining activities & scenes to look forward to can help us with difficult times during the pandemic.

I’m looking forward to big dinners w/ friends & live shows. How about you? twitter.com/aoc/status/1165340

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What's your "favourite" aviation greenwashing strategy?

Once again, the state is stepping in to help an airline that has laid off staff in the crisis. Easyjet gets a 1.87 billion $ loan, backed by the UK.

What we need now is a just permanent reduction of air traffic, not keeping airlines alive at any price!

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