"Flying is the fastest way to fry the planet, and we don’t have time to hope for unrealistic technological solutions for aviation - there’s no way around reducing aviation."

@Ecohustler@twitter.com covered the release of our new report.

Our new report shows strategies to reduce :
▶️ tax fairly
▶️ make excessive flyers pay
▶️ set limits on flights
▶️ moratoria on new infrastructure
▶️ foster alternatives
▶️ change institutions' travel policies

Learn more: bit.ly/DegrowAviation

is the fastest way to fry the planet, as this diagram from our new of report shows.

In it, we outline effective measures to reduce aviation’s climate impact in a just way.

👉Read the report: bit.ly/DegrowAviation

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Special thanks to professor @g_kallis@twitter.com from @ICTA_UAB@twitter.com and member of @R_Degrowth@twitter.com for explaining the baseline of the report: aviation is highly polluting, rapidly growing and unjust and therefore we have to reduce it.

: Our new report of counters the industry’s green lies and outlines ways to reduce the impact of flying in a just way.

▶️ Get the report: bit.ly/DegrowAviation

Just released: Read our new report “ of ” and learn which strategies and policies can effectively reduce aviation in a just way.

▶️ Get the report: bit.ly/DegrowAviation

Are there any you going from Germany (Göttingen or close) to the ?

We'll present our report on of aviation there. It is being printed right now, and we would like to ask someone to transport some copies to the countersummit.

👉 comment or PM

The exact date and time for the webinar is:
Thursday, 5th of December
5 to 7 pm CET

Tomorrow, we release our " of - Reducing Air Travel in a Just Way".

On Thursday, we will talk about it and explain the key concepts in our on the report.

🔽 Follow the link to sign up for the webinar!

In 2019, an average of more than 100,000 flights are departing from airports daily. This map shows a particularly busy day in May, with 162,637 takeoffs recorded

@AvJustice@twitter.com Taking one return flight generates more CO2 than citizens of some countries produce in a year.

The figures highlight the disproportionate carbon footprint of those who can afford to fly, with even a short-haul return flight from London to Edinburgh contributing more CO2 than the mean annual emissions of a person in Uganda or Somalia. gu.com/p/bj7d3?CMP=share_btn_t

Next Tuesday, we release our report "Degrowth of Aviation".
In it, we present ways to reduce flying in a just way.

To get notified about the report as soon as it's released, follow us on Telegram: t.me/StayGrounded

Did you know?
The Chicago Convention forbids taxing the commercial aircraft carry on international flights.

This is on of the mein reasons why is disproportionately cheap.

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