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...we could also also quite some Captain Greenwashs for the aviation industry

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Captain Greenwash is here to fight fast fashion armed with a green tutu and an oversized paintbrush 💪🖌️

@hm@twitter.com stop using child climate activists to bulk up on profits whilst destroying the planet 😤🌍

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Aviation Is as Sustainable Now as It Will Be in Your Lifetime

"The way to make your air travel habit more sustainable once lockdown ends is brutally simple: Fly less, and hope others do the same."

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Green Flying?

Find our report on the of the industry here - in English, French, Spanish, German and Turkish. 🔽🔽🔽

Today, 120 organisations - including the network - raise their voices to counter to the planned airport expansions of the Barcelona and Madrid airport. Support the pressure!

▶️ES: ecologistasenaccion.org/175897
▶️EN: stay-grounded.org/no-to-madrid

How to travel differently and :

Find our best tips on:
- Best booking systems
- , bike tours and hiking
- Online conferences
- Travel emissions calculators

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13 Steps for a Just Transport System and for Rapidly Reducing Aviation

Learn how to reduce in line with and in our position paper. 🔽

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