All 9 climate datasets with their 30 year centered average (different reference periods) in one graph:


Interesting. But I’m confused by ‘30 year centered average’. Does that mean each monthly plot point is the average for that month for the surround 30 years (15 forward and 15 back)?

@wion Yes, that's correct. This is sometimes done to prevent creating the illusion that the warming is actually at a certain level right now. With a long period like 30 years it's better to center it. It's a statement about the past, not about right now.


Ok. Thank you.

I’m guessing JMA is the Japan Meteorological Agency... I wonder why their measurements are more conservative, comparatively.

@wion Yes, JMA is Japan. And no maybe it's because they use another reference period the graph gives a conservative impression? They use 1980-2010 (pretty recent). Compared for instance with Nasa-GISS that uses 1950-1980.

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