Since its all but proven that high amounts of estrogen prevent corona, its now safe to say that the Bimbos will inherent the earth. This will bring an Utopian future, how it will I will not explain

Aight so apparently having a high oestrogen level can help prevent corona, so looks like future doctors will be doing medical bimboification now

My body is 70% water, I dont think I need anymore

I always get more books with the expectations that I can actually retain my focus for more than 2 seconds, only to realize that my brain actually can't focus

This current joys album is making me feel like nothing, 20/10 love it

If you liked this toot and you want to see more of it, remember to click Like and Subscribe to my channel, now, right now, oh god, the Algorithm is watching us both, do it, do it before they put me back in the cell again, feed me those precious click points, if we don't obey the Algorithm we're all dead, you don't know what it's like in here, they watch our every move, the rations came late today and they were sour and mouldy and only my vast charisma can get me out, CLICK THAT BOX DAMMIT CLICK

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Did you know that the soviet union actually mass produced high end German film lenses and drove down the price! A pro tip is to buy one for that ever so clear photography

Heyo fellow trans activists, remember to take a moment of self care especially in wake of the recent Kentucky bill. While it is good to use anger at injustice to motivate protests and action, it can be damaging and cause Dysphoria. Remember, living a happy and fulfilling life is an act of resistance to those who don't want us to exist


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