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I had an oak board and an old stick of (I think) a hazel branch sitting around. So having done a little reading about rustic furniture, I got inspired and made a little milking stool.

I know it's considered "bad taste" by some but I really like this style. I also think it's kinda cute that the natural bends of the legs anthropomorphize the stool. It looks like it's taking a step.

#woodworking #rustic

I’ve been nice to myself… some tools for the next semester at the CNFPC

Didn’t get to post here for a while because of sickness, but we’re making progress with the table project. I have started with the table top’ centre. It’s a combination of ash and padouk.

After getting hospitalised the last time I was in the Netherlands. I finally managed to pick up my wood for the next projects. Sipo Mahogany, African Padouk, and Amarant (Purple heart). The quality is brilliant!
I just checked in at wrinklesaurusses (aka B&B Mama) and now I’m on the couch resting from the long drive with a cuppa.

Not much progress was made on Thursday but I managed to glue up the drawer perfectly square and continued with the inside of the corpus. Second photo of the example. I be was planning on passing by the Amsterdamse Fijnhout yesterday but with the traffic being exceptionally busy in the Netherlands I didn’t make it on time. The Sipo and Padouk wood I ordered will be collected another day in the future.

Took some work home with me for my course at the . It was a bit of a dog of the female persuasion but I managed to square up the dry-fit of the table drawer, after sanding the insides up to 240-grain. The wood is baby-bottom smooth.

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This is my other sidekick hobby. Woodworking.

Since I do know a few things about woodworking I decided to make an artist's box for my pigments, watercolour tubes oil tubes brushes etc.
Since I do use many dangerous/poisonous pigments I wanted something secure enough to avoid accidents to the unaware 😋
The main box/large drawers is made from sapelli mahogany, The 4 small drawers are made from olive wood and the inlay from palisander. The 4 small drawers are locked with 2 bronze bars.

I finally updated my with a shop vac. Sanding and cleaning up will definitely be less cumbersome in the future.

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Getting a little better with my #woodworking skills. Made this #DemonSlayer sushi serving board for a friend.

Dropped it off with them today and they were thrilled. I'm certainly not Nick Offerman, but maybe someday....

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Now I can add "boat builder" to my resume... I consider the pram to be the perfect tender. It will never have a motor.

Discovery of the day: King Mala - Cult Leader. Normally I’m not that much into R&B but this is cool.

Update on my course. The corpus of the table has been finished and I glued it up. I have prepared all parts for the drawer and took them home so I can work on that during the Easter hols. Some have started on their tabletop already. I’ve ordered Padouk and Amaranth wood at the Amsterdamsche Fijnhout for a 11x11 chessboard

I had some issue with Amarok not working anymore so I had to switch apps on my iPhone. Hi world, I’m back.

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One year ago Cally found out she had her forever home with us. I nicknamed her Miss Moneypit as we had regular visits to the veterinary clinic. But look at her now, nearly 15 years, in full health, a joyful and active little fluffball of love.
She’s my little petal and I’m still wondering who rescued who 😉 Michèle and I will spoil her this weekend, she’s so worth it.

A side project for the Sunday: I got some oak. I think it’s going to be a little box. I straightened everything, now I’m going to reflect on how to dimension it.

I forgot to do a status update on Thursday, the table progresses well, all elements have been planed and dimensioned and I this Thursday I shaped the legs by planing a taper to two sides and I started boards that make the sides, all grooves are in and we are using dominos to connect them.

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