After years of insisting that DRM in HTML wouldn't block open source implementations, Google says it won't support open source implementations

@StephenJudge Give them an inch, they take a mile. Never yield to tech companies. There's never even a reason to. They get enough extra capital beyond the alienated labor of their employees, the nonconsensual selling of data, the black deals as government security contractors for the US and China, and the endless government subsidies, tax havens, and finally open source code they use freely just like everyone else to give them a SINGLE request on shit like DRM.


The web became too big to be salvaged

We need to move back to free desktops

@StephenJudge Cool, then "open source" should stop caring about proprietary crap support… The problem with "open source" is that devs are constantly supporting proprietary crap and centralized silos to "attract new users and gain market-share", instead of caring about how to prevent the software/DRM/copyright industry from doing more damage…

@devnull @StephenJudge The way I handle it in Odysseus is I do feel the need to make my software work with the mainstream silos (exception made for "streaming" sites), but I take care care to avoid some of the dynamics I see leading to them. And I say "hey! Check these alternatives out".

Yes I like complaining about the bloat involved in working with the mainstream web, but thankfully I don't have to touch it directly.

@StephenJudge Oh me so shocked! Why factory farm act so bad? Factory farm our friend, no? Factory farm love us.

Doodles! Doodles! Doodles!


When any advocate for a standard—and especially one who stands to profit from that standard—responds to concerns with any variant of "but we wouldn't do that", be very early

If they really mean it, they'd accept revisions to the standard that make it harder. Otherwise, they're blowing smoke

@StephenJudge wait let me put on my shocked face hold on-



oh. no never mind. I don't have one oops.

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