I don’t get it… I thought the whole idea behind private hospitals like Beacon was that wealthy people got better healthcare than the unwashed masses. Weren’t they just doing what they were designed to do?



@aral The issue was that the hospital CEO made personal offer to private school of his children. Those vaccinated were from the category that's way behind in the queue of the national vaccine plan. So they effectively skipped the queue, denying others their vaccine. There were still patients in the hospital awaiting vaccine. Beacon is being paid to do this with tax money. It was pure cronyism. One many frustrating actions of elites in our society.

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@aral Also Beacon is owned by Denis O'Brien, a villain we love to hate. He's been involved in political and corruption scandals in the past. Just mentioning his name will raise the anger of most Irish people.

@aral Personally I don't agree that suspension was the right move and it's just pandering to media pressure. It just removes one more venue for vaccination in a critical time. Rather I believe the hospital should have been fined for breach of contract.

@StephenJudge (Thanks, Stephen. I was – as is plainly not apparent – being very sarcastic) ;)

@aral Ah, sorry I didn't realise. I know you are not a native of our Island and I thought maybe you were not entirely familiar with some of the political and societal nuances of life here.

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