"Google wants to kill the URL"


"People have a really hard time understanding URLs" is not a good enough reason to get rid of URLs

To this day, I refuse to use an AMP specific webpage as it breaks the open web. When I'm presented with an AMP link, I edit the URL to remove that component so I get the full page. "Safe" URLs will similarly cater to Google interests and I will not be using it

If other vendors go along with this, I'll write my own browser if I have to


@cypnk Any browser that does not let me use URLs is a browser that I will never use. And considering how Google is behind this scheme, any browser that goes along with this plan is a browser I will never use, recommend, or even talk about. The Alphabet Panopticon is large enough without letting Google sneak its tendrils into how we have fundamentally accessed sites for decades.

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