One more strike for :birdsite: and one step closer to me leaving it for good.

(Someone wanna invite Lucien to Masto? We could use a few Satanists around here.)

@Stephen_Stone Sorry you have to face that kind of treatment as a Satanist. Most people who spew that vitriol literally don't know what they are talking about. And of course, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, they all "protect free speech" - as long as it's Christian/right-wing/reactionary free speech.

@solshifter I am not a Satanist, though I do generally approve of what that particular church does and am willing to support them however I can.

@Stephen_Stone Like, d'you mean, "if Twitter screws up one more time I'm just gonna leave it", or "if this satanic cult screws up one more time I'm just gonna leave it"..?

@ej Birdsite. I happen to approve of the Satanic Church (or the one led by Greaves, anyway).

@Stephen_Stone I hadn't come across them before the article you linked; seems like a refreshingly novel approach to political change..

@Stephen_Stone The Temple should put up their own instance. They could probably charge for accounts :P

@Stephen_Stone After reading that article, and seeing a pretty clear-cut case of descrimination, I'm amazed you're still not leaving. What group needs to be openly threatened with arson/murder and their attackers not punished for your to actually quit?

We already know it's not North Koreans or Satanists, or maybe even Jews (since David Duke is still allowed). What group will actually be the breaking point for you?

@mdm In fairness, Twitter tends to reverse decisions like this one after it becomes an embarassment to the company.

If they release a statement that says “we refuse to reinstate his account” or something to that effect, THAT will be Strike Three.

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