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Gotta be something. @Stephen_Stone

@Hiraelle More games should include an “easy mode” wherein even a novice player can make it all the way to the end. How can a player enjoy the full experience of the game if it keeps them stuck on a certain point?

Higher difficulties will always be there for those who want a challenge. For those who want to enjoy the story or just have some “I feel like a god” escapism for a little while, there should always be Easy Mode.

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@Stephen_Stone @Hiraelle I quite like how handles it. Multiple ways to make things easier, all tweakable mid-level. I mostly play normally, but I've dropped the speed twice (the end of the Ch. 2 B-side and the Ch. 4 cassette).

Though I have noticed the game seems to crash at chapter-end after I've done that.

In general, I agree. Easy mode has been the way I've played a lot of games in the last few years.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there are exceptions:


@jon_valdes @Hiraelle The “Easy Mode” philosophy does not apply to all games—nor should it.

@Stephen_Stone @jon_valdes yes, for some games the difficulty is *the point*

for story-heavy games and games where the difficulty is not an essential component (like the game is made to be very hard, it's a selling point) though? easy mode all the way