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Just a reminder, please don't ask me about my employer, about any of the news around them, or about any of the decisions they made, as I will not answer them.

If you harass me over decisions that they made because I work for them, I will instantly block and report for harassment.

If you don't know where I work, I won't be talking about it. If you find out through other sites or sources, please re-read this toot.

Thanks for understanding!

when someone says "turn around" I have a kneejerk reaction to just start screaming "EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET A LITTLE BIT LONELY AND YOU'RE NEVER COMING 'ROUND"

Persona 5's lack of save rooms just cost me two hours of progress. Argh.

EA needs to lose their exclusive Star Wars license. They have utterly failed at making use of it, during Star Wars' renaissance.

This machine is basically just functional programming for audio. Each module has inputs (either analog audio or a standard of analog voltage), uses them to either generate or transform something, and put the result on output lines. It's super simple to learn and yet super deep to master.

Getting a dedicated table (even a crappy $15 one) for my modular synth was a damn good investment. I'm able to do some fun stuff with it now. Soon I'll need a couple mults and a sampler. Fortunately I have plenty of rack space now.

Hardware Updates for 2019! 🎉

Today we introduce Version 4 of the Librem laptop line — now with an updated CPU and graphics for all models and a 4k/HiDPI screen for the 15″ model.

Protect your digital life with strong and *and* do so on one of our beautiful, high-end laptops.

Tempted to use react-blessed to try building a terminal GUI for this app. Because why not 😂

I'm the oldest person on this app by a good 14 years

I downloaded Tiktok and that's all I've been doing for the last two hours

First manga I got for more than novelty shitposting reasons since high school

They released Catherine on PC, so I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.

I will switch to whatever mobile phone platform is the first to let me disable all incoming calls from people who aren't in my contacts.

Moar case, Plaits oscillator, Quadra envelope, and rearranged everything. Now with plenty of room for expansion (including removing the Mother 32 and reinstalling it in its case when needed).

gonna go pick up this bad boy from the synthesizer store once I'm done with work

I'm so glad that there's a nearby synthesizer store

Picked up a domain for a side project I've been messing with for awhile, a journal for toot-sized entries that you'd write in several times a day. Maybe I'll ship it, who knooooows.

Someone please make the indie Wii Sports, I beg you

My problem with building a networking library is I really just want to build it as a bunch of extensions on RxSwift.

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