I'm now getting DMs of support because people are afraid if they agree publicly they'll be harassed next. That's not a good atmosphere folks.

@Gargron Maybe you need to accept that your decision to limit the discussion is exacerbating the problem. I've been on numerous online forums (and that's all this is - a forum) and cutting off debate usually makes things worse.

IMO, you appear to basing your decisions on assumptions, not facts. Doing nothing allows people to release their pain in a safe environment. But you've chosen to mark them as "bad guys" here. Admins taking sides rarely helps. of those in pain demeans them.

@Gargron First principle in dispute resolution: let people fully express their grievances. Mr. Wheaton's an adult who acted badly, but criticism of him online is not going to damage his ego or is opinion of himself. Criticism is healthy. If I did what he did, would you have made such a big deal if I received criticism from those whose pain I triggered? Of course not! I don't really care about the controversy that much, but I do care that people in pain be allowed to express their anger.

@Gargron Today, I no longer get triggered by fear of being outed or dehumanized by others. I outed myself as Bi & stopped being anon online several years ago. But I understand that the fear & anxiety Wheaton's actions - his actions, not just his words - caused others. Knee jerk responses never go well. You forgot to view them, not just Wheaton, with compassion. Try again. You want a healthy, constructive dialogue? That cannot happen when you limit what people can post about their anger/pain.

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