Literally my favorite sandwich, ever. Vegetarian or no. And a fun episode!

I'd like to thank @GoojNanaa for sending me the perfect millenial birthday song. "Your demise cannot be far." That's a warm bath feeling. :)

Biden. I'm talking about Joe Biden, here. Just be like "I'm sorry I made people uncomfortable with my weird grabbing. I won't do it again." Or "Yeah, I was wrong to vote for a Police Bill of Rights after Rodney King. I've learned since then. Also, sorry about the blaccent."

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We could all stand to learn a thing or two from ol' Éomer here. If someone calls you on something, just, like, apologize. And try not to do it again! Admit your faults? But move past them, without trying to protect your ego in the process by making the other person culpable.

Need another Personality Inkblot now that Houses are out? Might I suggest identifying yourself with:

• Characters from Ghost Ship (2002)
• Rappers on "Shake Ya Tail Feather" (Murphy Lee = Hufflepuff)
• Scooby-Doo guest stars (I'm a total Sandy Duncan)
• Type of egg

Department of Justice: Investigate the Killing of Tamir Rice - Sign the Petition! via @change

*cop shoots protesting millenial with pepper spray*

MILLENNIAL: Bold of you to think I can feel things.

Watching the 2016 WWE Draft, and...people are SO EXCITED about American Alpha! It's heartbreaking! They're so high in the draft! Ah!

I'm really proud of the production of our latest episode. Check it out! Learn how to make Chicken Marsala!

Anyway, this sucks, and boot all Republicans into the sea.

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A lot of songwriters can come off as above-it-all. Literary to the point of detachment, or condescending toward their subjects. But Schlesinger managed to capture a feeling of "Man, we're all just trying our best out here" that's indescribably universal.

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Fountains of Wayne, though. Probably one of the biggest influences on me in terms of just a mixture of wrapping these wonderfully human pockets of time in perfect, crowd-pleasing bursts of catchiness. Magical, honestly.

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Likewise, this one from Tinted Windows, his side project with folks from Hanson, Smashing Pumpkins, and Cheap Trick. Like, this is just the distillation of power pop. The musical equivalent of good pizza.

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There are a lot of things I think of when I think about Adam Schlesinger. One of them is songwriting as a raw *craft.* I mean, there's a reason he was chosen to write the perfect 60's one hit wonder for That Thing You Do.

I miss my partner so fucking much. Moving is awful. Moving right now is double-awful.

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