Briefly logged on only to see a timeline full of 45 nonsense and folks upset that there might be *one* intellectual property not owned by Disney. Back into the sea...

Hey, , just so you know, your entire cancellation process is godawful. The coverage area was bad enough, but now I'm having to jump through hoops on a workday because I can't see my account number and pin after I've cancelled. Absolutely sucks. Will never recommend.

Big props to this local RV dealer who thought: "A huge, inflatable gorilla ass. That'll bring 'em in."

McDonald's, as a company, sucks *so bad* but their graphic design is *so good!* It's genuinely aggrivating.

Going through my photos, and found this one from our camping trip of looking baller by the fire he made.

"I need you to pause, I'm having a horseradish-based existential crisis."
- who, then, did

That feeling when you just had to spend a literal hour on the phone just to change your home insurance's billing information, but the person on the other side of the phone was so nice about it you can't complain without feeling like a jerk.

"I was so busy being a pretend detective that I forgot my coffee."
– , the perfect guy

I would much rather be hugging my boyfriend right now. It's better than most other things.

On one hand, it's rad seeing Patrick Wilson ride a giant battle seahorse, on the other, the music literally did a "Dun, dun dunnnnnn!"

Watching The Aquatic Man while I work, and, yeah, dang, I'm glad James Wan got out of horror, because he's clearly better at this. That opening fight scene with Nicole Kidman (whose character's name is Atlanta?) was really well shot.

"When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

Well! Thanks for making me look like a GIANT dickhead, Twitter cropping.

I've just become aware of the best idiom, care of Australia. "We're not here to fuck spiders."

"Are we gonna get started on this project?"
"Well, we're not here to fuck spiders."


My future husband makes the Best Steak I've Ever Had, and, honestly, I can't deal with the level of joy and pride I'm experiencing right now.

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