Decided to create an account over on @Stoffern for the time being.

@korvys @Graham_LRR I think saw someone mention earlier that mastodon needs the http or https to link

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being alive is so cool. you get to smell fresh laundry and eat chocolate if u r lucky

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RT hoped that the Thanksgiving holiday would help bury the news of his plan to kill #NetNeutrality. It didn't work. 60,000 phone calls to Congress on the holiday itself, more than half a million this month. Keep going!

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For those wondering why I'm tooting about #DesetBus2017

Desert Bus for Hope is an internet charity marathon that raises money for Child's Play by playing the worst game ever made with challenges, auctions and giveaways. Visit for more information.

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My favorite Canadian #gamers are doing their yearly Child's Play stream.
Watch desertbus with me on Twitch!

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My middle-aged self turned up, full of advice and instructions. I nodded along.
My old self had already warned me, and told me to ignore it.

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If you don't know, every year I work with the charity marathon over at to do a poster for the event, which raises money for children's hospitals.

As this nerdy week-long marathon happens (starting Nov. 17th this year!) I watch the entire thing and draw the silly stuff they do on stream to fill up the poster.

They're on their 11th year of doing this, and I've already started on the poster. You can see below the one I did for Desrert Bus 9, and the one I just started for Desert Bus 11!

Tune in, spread the word, and donate if you can. Or just watch, I have a tun of fun seeing it each year!

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So that everyone knows, my favourite charity event starts in a week, Desert Bus for Hope. I think Mastodon users should check it out: It is a bunch of Canadian Comedians busking for money for Child's Play for a week.

There will be singing, dancing, funny skits, all sorts of silliness. Also the team doing it includes and is welcoming to multiple sexual orientations and genders.

Also they once managed to sell a packet of silica gel for something like $10,000USD


*pssst* I have something to tell you 

@Caitofthenorth always relevant👍

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So this super cool thing for charity (Child's Play specifically) starts on Friday the 17th, and one of the best parts is you can win tons of cool stuff! Check it out maybe?

Also sorry for the link to BirdSite, not sure if that is cool here or not.

Also also look at me using BirdSite like a hip cat.

So what has spurred everyone to join Mastodon today?


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