There was a rerun of Planet Dinosaur on the tellie so I made some ink sketches of Majungasaurus, Gigantoraptor, Epidexipteryx and Latenivenatrix during it

As usual with documentaries of this topic it aged visibly but I still prefer it over Dinosaur Revolution anytime

Therry, the type specimen of langenbergensis

I call it jokingly the "Nilskrokodil" as a pun on Nile , Nils himself is absolutely cool with it 🐊

I was actually surprised how small it is when I saw it the first time, I expected it to be at least the size of a house cat

Euryzygoma may not be as famous as its cousin Diprotodon but certainly has more handsome cheek bones

Old drawing I made a year ago
Took some liberties with this one, mostly inspired by moose

Since Tumblr didn't survive Infinity War guess I might as well start posting at
drawing I made a year ago to kick it off


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